Help, my son has turned American !

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  • Simon

    I don't know what's happened ... but whenever he plays on the XBox driving games he now puts on a very good 'American' accent. It is frighteningly good in fact !

    The only thing we can think of is that he's picked it up from his cousin who was over a few weeks ago and they played on it together quite a bit (Liam get's on really well with him even though he's about 5 years older).

    On reflection I guess it is a bit more Canadian than American so I am not as worried about it () ... it's really strange to hear a kid so small putting on an accent though !

  • minimus

    Yeah, I know what you mean Simon. We think those little Brit kids talk funny too.

  • smack

    My daughter always did Barbie's voice in an american accent.


    Hmm....I remember one evening, speaking with a certain someone from Manchester.

    He sure could have fooled me with his CANADIAN accent.

    Didn't sound American to me.

    'Thems thar swear wurdz thar Simon!'

    Canadian English - American English: not the same.

    Tell Liam to repeat: back bacon [Bak-Bay-Kun], maple syrup [May-Pull-Sear-Up] and beaver [Bee-Vir].

    Simon: time to move to Canada

  • berylblue

    I used to love when people here would ask the Brit husband if he was Australian. Or, worse yet, Irish. I could see him choking back the rage.

    He made fun of my accent all the time. ("Why do you vowels have two syllables? Why do you pronounce "clerk" like that? It's "clark". (Not in this country, assh*le.) That's not the way to pronounce "yogurt". (Oh, YAH-gert is MUCH better. Yeah. Right.))

    Why is it we ascribe value to things which are, in reality, of little import? I'm not selling Bentleys to the royal familiy, so wtf?

    I am da-amned (note the two-syllable short vowel, please) militant about my South Jersey accent now, even though I can do a perfect GAD.


  • Hamas

    In the words of the great John Motson :

    OH DEAR .

    ( Taken from when England went 1-0 down against that bum European team a few months back. )

  • Simon

    When I'm on XBox live I sometimes get mistaken for all sort of accents (I don't know how!)

    I wasn't talking much in one game and someone suggested that maybe I was Spanish or something ... next thing, everyone is trying to talk spanish to me so I put on a Manuel voice (from Fawlty Towers) and start saying "Que?" and "I am from Barcalona" etc ... It's pretty cool being able to talk to people round the world while you wup their ass !

    It's a strange thought that if we moved to Canada, the kids would probably grow up with an accent. At the moment they have really Lanacshire accents.

  • blondie

    Actually, the US has several accents.

    Just a few that are easily recognizable



    Florida Southern

    Northern Georgia Southern


    Western Drawl

    Midwestern Twang

    Minnesota (see movie Fargo)

    Long Island


  • Stan Conroy
    Stan Conroy
    It's a strange thought that if we moved to Canada, the kids would probably grow up with an accent.

    I hate to break the news to you Simon, but they already have an accent.


  • Simon

    Nah ... we don't - everyone else does !!

    of course, I meant a Canadian accent

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