2017 Convention Video Remember The Wife Of Lot

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  • Rainbow_Troll

    There was a time when I would have been happy to waste 90 minutes of my life on this trash just to amuse myself; but thankfully I have better things to do.

  • pale.emperor

    The look of horror on his face when his non JW family are over at his place. Is this how JWs are supposed to react now?

    With the 2016 convention telling them to shun inactive family members, I think this is giving the subtle hint that you should only associate with JWs 100%.

    The GB are turning up the heat. Fortunately not everyone will go along with that.

  • Cadellin

    So I watched this in bits and pieces (all I could take) and--whoa. A few observations. First, special effects have definitely improved, although the acting hasn't. There is a super-creepy section toward the end where Gloria is "remembering the wife of Lot" and let me say--it could be lifted from a horror show. The rise in affluent Asians and their focus on financial success is clearly the impetus for this somewhat hokey movie. Even among JWs, Asian parents emphasize education and career, as I have seen first hand, and so this has not escaped the attention of the GB.

    This movie is designed to make points at multiple levels. There is a scene where Gloria is watching the news and it's a BBC report of an 8.1 magnitude earthquake off of Taiwan, along with a global financial meltdown. It would seem that the Society is still beating that earthquake horse, even though it has been clearly shown to be a falsity. And the global financial meltdown? Um, wasn't that 10 years ago and haven't most major economies recovered?

    I also noticed the old canard of "my workmates (worldly) aren't what they seemed to be..." like non-JWs are all engaged in subterfuge aimed at duping JWs. I have NEVER noticed this (in real life), but this gets repeated all the time in JW mythology.

    So much manipulation, so little authenticity.

  • millie210

    Hey it doesn't hurt that they found a Julie Chen look a like to be the female lead in this video!

    (For those not from the U.S. Julie Chen hosts a popular show called "Big Brother".)

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I see many of the broad generalizations about the world that were used in similar JW productions back in the 60's are still being employed in the new videos as well. The same exaggerated scenarios and creation of issues where none exist, all intended to lead the viewer to the conclusion that if you're not a Jehovah's Witness your life is empty.


  • Awakenednow

    Propaganda! Talk about fear and manipulation . Caddelin, I thought the same `thing with the mirror trick ! So anyone with nice things should be killed by a loving God. But closet offices are rewarded for life. Slave for the publishing company. The wife's expression the whole time was unhappy and full of guilt trying to please everyone, her family, neighbors, congregation, husband, uncle, God. She needs counseling, not more meeting attendance. Or maybe anti-depressants - like jws seem to be taking at an alarming rate these days. Must be exhausting trying to be perfect. Oh ya and the Joe's family equating church with material status as if you are nobody to the church without funds....hmmmm can anyone say gramma empty fridge or no more ice cream for you little girl? I've attended churches that are as or more welcoming. I agree with the intelligent comments regarding the actual meaning of the wife of Lot phrase having nothing to do with the meaning ascribed here. The only connection ever made in my mind reading that actually originated with WT.

  • Skepsis

    I tried to watch it but I couldn't stomach. Maybe tomorrow.

    I can see a trend of trying to separate even more JWs from worldly influence to keep them inside the Org, especially the young ones.

    They softened the rules in the 1990s and 2000s and young ones escaped in great numbers. Now they want to limit the damage.

    If they can't fix the theological mess they have without having a great exodus, they will increase the height of the wall between JWs and the world: more attacks on Higher education, shunning inactive ones, limiting even more association with non Witnesses, etc.

  • tiki

    Ok....I got as far as the accountant in the closet telling Joe that the bible would cure his anger.......gag me. What weirdness follows...for those of you who soldiered through the whole thing...you're made of tougher stuff tha me!!

  • stuckinarut2

    You all NEED to see the final horrific scene!

    Watch the way they show Lots wife turn to salt! There willbe horrified children at those conventions.

    The scare mongering tactics are deplorable.

  • tiki

    For those who can't stomach the whole thing...cedars Lloyd Evans you tube synopsis is great. You'll get the turn to salt at the end. I seriously think this is a horrid thing to subject small children to...I grew up in fear of torture in concentration camps...now they're pulling this on poor kids...and the utter lack of reality...that artificial family ....where do they get the idea that is the way the average Joe publisher lives!?!

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