2017 Convention Video Remember The Wife Of Lot

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  • stuckinarut2
  • stuckinarut2

    Oh, and it seems that the society has forgotten to make the rest of the movies in the "Lot" series!?

    You know, the one about how he offers his two virgin daughters to be pack raped by a mob of men outside their building.

    Or that part about how after his wife gets killed (or can I say 'a-salted') , he has incestuous sexual relations with both of his girls and fathers children with them.

    Oh and how after all of that, he is held up as a model of faith - a friend of God, and one who should be respected.....

    Yep, I don't seem to be able to find those videos......

  • hoser

    This video was full of class distinctions. A Latino construction worker looked down upon by the Asian guy in financial services. Or was it the other way around.

    The wife of the Asian accountant played the part well of an entitled middle class bitch

  • David_Jay


    And that's a good point. In Judaism, Lot is not a hero. In Judaism, Lot is the opposite of Abraham.

    Jehovah's Witnesses make Lot out to be an example to follow. I remember a district convention where they dramatized how faithful Lot and his daughters were unlike their materialistic mother who, because of her love for the materialism and wealth and security living in Sodom afforded her, turned around to look upon the devastation of her people.

    Then as you bring up, Lot has relations with the two daughters...the same two, which by the way he attempted to offer a mob in exchange for raping his guests.

    Recall that this narrative of Genesis is not in a standalone book, but is at the beginning of Torah. It's part of the Mosaic Law. It's teaching something about how to live and not live according to Torah. Abraham is the true friend of God, Lot is the contrast.

    The narrative is likely a device, especially in 19:30-38, that is used as a way to insult the Moabites and Ammonites, unflatteringly suggesting that these groups are the product of an incestuous union. It is later played upon in the book Ruth, where the heroine of that tale is the "redeemer" of Moab who, unlike Lot, promises to follow God. (Compare Ruth 1:15-17.) The character of Ruth as demonstrated in her introductory speech would be meaningless if Lot were a hero.

    The story is not so historic as it is folklore, like the story of George Washington chopping down a cherry tree and owning up to it is to Americans. The events are accepted as explanations for why the Dead Sea exists and why the Moabites and Ammonites are so "hated." The actual historical part may be from Judges 19-10-30 which talks about how the raping of (or at least threatening to rape) strangers who should be treated as guests in Israel (according to Torah) was once a problem. The story from Judges may have been redacted as "Law," a warning against treating the alien stranger badly, and inserted into the patriarchal story of Abraham with the "insulting origins" story tagged onto the end.

    Notice the contrasts and see if Lot really should be viewed as the hero Jehovah's Witnesses claim he is:

    • Abraham sees the Lord (Ge 18:1), whereas Lot only gets visited by the two angelic attendants (Ge 19:1).
    • Abraham expends energy and actually runs to welcome his visitors (18:2), but Lot doesn't, waiting till they reach him. (19:1)
    • Abraham offers a feast with (what is implied to be risen) bread (18:6-8), but Lot merely offers a meal with unleavened bread (meaning the meal was a rush job by comparison) (19:3).
    • And I can go on: Abraham challenges God's sense of justice, whereas Lot seems to question the angels who have to drag him from the city. Abraham accepts God's decision to act against the cities if less than 10 righteous people can be found there, but Lot won't go off into the mountains and asks that God not destroy a suburb of the sinful cities for his sake because the way to salvation is "too far and dangerous."

    Abraham is the real friend of God in this story. Lot is a buffoon. Jehovah's Witnesses surely are not followers of the Bible since they miss these very clear details.


    Wife Of Lot

    Lot of Wife...

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  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I watched the video and stopped a few seconds after the JW husband went into a closet/office and gave the new bible study a bible. I knew I wasn't going to be able to stomach this video as soon as they once again started indulging and reassuring the JW audiences' foregone conclusions about the ill mannered and unsavory "worldly" people they must accommodate as they martyr themselves in order to do "God's Will". They even stopped the story in order to reminded the guy to take off his shoes in their oh so sanitary JW household. The actor even had a (fake) 5 o'clock shadow to subtly remind JW's that only bad guys have facial hair.

    These videos are way too "on the nose" for me to even stand watching for any length of time. Even the most indoctrinated JW will notice the obvious pandering to the JW audience that takes place in them and will surely realize that the picture perfect world and theocratic banter that is portrayed, is a far cry from their own lives and the lives of any other JW they know. Hopefully over time, the credibility of the organization will be lost to them.

  • David_Jay

    Someone just asked me privately, asking me to clarify here...

    How is Abraham's challenging God's justice a good thing in contrast with Lot who obeys and leaves Sodom as asked?

    Several things:

    1. In Judaism, it is a good thing to question God, to dialogue with the Creator, to participate as part of the union between God and humanity. While Islam and Christianity promote obedience to God, Judaism is about a partnership with God.

    2. Abraham questions God on how just it is to destroy the lives of others. Lot never does this. Abraham is concerned about the lives of people he has never met, and even though they are sinners, argues on the possibility of mercy. Lot merely warns family of the coming disaster but doesn't seem too concerned to argue for anyone but himself and his comfort (as in sparing Zoar, not for the lives there but so he won't have to rough it in the wilderness).

    Lot's dialogue with God reveals his own selfishness, while Abraham's dialogue was about sparing the lives of others. And instead of sticking with Abraham and sharing in the covenant relationship with him, Lot chooses to part, showing the the lack of concern that Esau had with his birthright. Lot is not the hero character the Witnesses paint him out to be. Lot is the anti-Abraham.

  • smiddy

    Well thats one video I wont be watching ,thanks for the reviews.

  • jookbeard

    I've seen snippets of it, I simply wont sit down to watch the whole thing, I noticed the oriental lady seems to have had a bad nose job, maybe her pursuit of furthering her education to gain a better job is so she can have more cosmetic treatments.

  • Chook

    That blessed man Lot , what a fine chap he makes for our wholesome Christian example, is there a seat at the governing bodies table for our dear friend , I think his moral code will enlighten our moral compass and we are in for some redefinitions of our understanding of the sex code. Shine that light Lot..

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