Vegan paradise

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  • schnell

    There are dumber or equally dumb organizations out there in this regard. Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis believes there was absolutely no death before the fall of man, and since all the land animals were made on the same day as man, there were dinosaurs on the Ark, too.

    One theory I've heard is that animals will not eat each other for a period of time so as to fulfill prophecy, and then it's back to nature. I'd be more curious as to whether or not that happens within the millennial reign if I didn't know the answer is stupid either way.

    I have met a family of vegan JWs. Just try to picture the most judgmental sister imaginable.

  • Xanthippe

    It's all part of this desire JWs have to escape reality. No human death, no animals eating one another, no untidiness in their houses, nobody with uncomfortable questions cluttering up their KHs.

  • stuckinarut2

    Well said Xanthippe!

  • Vidiot

    Point is, once you start trying to work out the logistics of Biblical literalist claims (especially re. Genesis or Revelation), it ends up stretching credibility so far past the breaking point, you can't even see said breaking point any more.

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