Has WT actually drafted an End of Days tract?

by schnell 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • Finkelstein

    You could say within reasonable trustfulness that the Watchtower Corporation has been in the business of false prophesy, all indications and identifiers of being a false prophet are actually written in the bible itself.

    The WTS may have exposed some faults to other Christian based faiths but in introduced a bevy of its own faults along the way.

  • Skepsis

    Watchtower Corporation. Announcing the imminent end of this system since 1879.

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS has been propagating and selling the End of Days since its inception in the late 1800's as a religious publishing house, the reason the Watchtower name was created and used to identify itself.

    People like C T Russell saw themselves as unique code breakers which their endeavors revealed something quite dramatic to happen to all mankind, assertively exploiting the basic belief in the bible to substantiate their findings.

    Well they were certainly attention grabbing postulations for a publishing house to take on and you can see evidence of how effective these endeavors were over the past 140 years.

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