There is a new letter to elders about Child Abuse

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  • careful

    Thanks for the post.

  • Phizzy

    What Grreat Teacher said 3 or 4 Posts back.

    They are still proving themselves to be totally heartless arseholes with no regard for tha poor victims.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Thank you need to run for work but will check this out latter.



    The WTBTS needs:

    1) Mandatory background checks on any individual being considered for any position in the CCJW, with the exception of microphone handling/sound booth. Anyone considered for the position of Elder, MS, even Pioneer, should have a background check.

    2) Permanent removal from positions of authority, and permanent removal from working with children of anyone who fails the background check, if such a search reveals crimes against children.

    The Elders can let the Superior Authorities handle the crime. If an allegation proves false, the Elders are free to inform the congregation that Brother McPanelvan was innocent of the charges.

    If Brother Von Icecreamtruck did it, he can go to jail. The Elders can go see him and render "spiritual aid."


  • Life is to short 2
    Life is to short 2

    Thank you August 1st I am almost sure that we have it before most elders.

  • EdenOne

    If the JWs claim that they actively engage the community with their witnessing because they care for their eternal well-being, this letter shows the immense hipocrisy of such claim, because the elders aren't instructed to do anything to protect the community at large when they know there's a child abuser amongst them. That alone shows how hypocrite this cult really is.


  • steve2

    Whilst the letter states parents have the right to take the matter to the authorities, no where does it require the elders inform parents of this right nor encourage them to consider doing so. Sure, some parents could already know this - but why not double check? Wouldn't that be the loving and supportive thing to do?

    So, once again, the organization stands exposed as doing the bare minimum - unless it is required by worldly authorities to do otherwise. This from an organization that claims to be Jehovah's channel of truth.

  • cofty
    Anyone considered for the position of Elder, MS, .. should have a background check.

    I wholeheartedly agree with this. Every elder and MS must be obliged to have an enhanced DBS check (not sure about pioneers?) The Watchtower should be required to partner up with a professional body who have the knowledge and experience to make judgements on every DBS result.

    However there are significant issues regarding confidentiality to be negotiated.

    Here is how the system works in football in the UK...

    1 - New volunteers who have access to children go online to the DBS website and select which ID documents they wish to use to confirm their identity.

    2 - An authorised person at the club physically sees those documents and confirms online that they are satisfied the person is who they claim to be.

    3 - The volunteer fills in a request for an enhanced DBS check and the club pays the fee.

    4 - The Disclosure and Barring Service completes a check into all criminal records and other intelligence held regarding that person.

    5 - The detailed results of the check are sent only to the volunteer. This is vital for data protection.

    6 - The child welfare unit at Wembley, staffed by professionals, are simply informed by the DBS that the check was either all-clear or that there are issues.

    7 - If the check is all-clear the club are informed by Wembley that the new volunteer is ok to work with children pending completion of a child welfare course. If there are issues then Wembley writes to the individual giving them a deadline to send the report they received from the DBS to the child welfare unit at Wembley otherwise they will be suspended from that date and the club will be informed that the person should not be allowed to work with children. No reason will be given.

    8 - If the volunteer submits their report to Wembley a member of the professional child welfare unit will make a decision on whether the record affects their suitability to world with children and the club will be informed. A drunk and disorderly years ago will not usually be a problem.

    This system weeds out many unsuitable people every year but it is only a start. A clean DBS certificate only proves somebody has not been caught yet. The most important factor is that the club has suitable practices and procedures, effective mentoring and accountability.

    This latest letter does not even begin to make the organisation's child welfare procedures fit for purpose.

    I wonder how many elders and MSs they would lose immediately if they did the right thing.

  • Simon

    I think this is just a devious way for them to have "sufficient policies" in place to escape being liable but fundamentally, the instructions boil down to: "call us and we'll tell you what to do over the phone".

    The instructions should be "Report any and all crimes to your local authorities immediately, especially those involving child abuse and give the family your full support and backing. They do absolutely nothing wrong seeking justice for their child."

    If they were serious about having proper rules, make them clear that people shouldn't be run out of the congregation for reporting these crimes and for god's sake, don't have the congregation showing up at court to support the accused.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    I agree. There is a mention that the parents now have every right to go to the authorities. But only the elders know this. None of the parents do because this letter is addressed to the elders only. They should have a letter addressed to all congregations of the U.S. or UK or where ever. And then state the facts that you can go to the authorities. Then look out, because now you would have parents looking wide-eyed in the KH for sure, because yeah, many would go and pronto.

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