There is a new letter to elders about Child Abuse

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    Who are the "some individuals" required to report abuse? Surely not the Elders? LOL!

    Why not say, "Call the Legal Department and we will tell you how to skirt the mandatory reporting laws in your area. Or, if there are no mandatory laws in your area, just STFU, err.... We mean, just "Wait on Jeehoober."


  • Saename

    About calling the Legal Department when there are mandatory reporting laws in the area... What is the point of calling the Legal Department in the first place? It surely must be so that the Legal Department can think of some excuse not to inform the authorities? I mean... what other purpose would there be for this policy? If there is a mandatory law, then there is a mandatory law. It's that simple... I don't think anyone has to think about whether to inform authorities when the law requires that one do so? Or are the elders so brainless that they have to be told what the law means?

  • konceptual99

    The WTS don't like sending very specific information out at anything under country level. It's easier for them to have the local elders phone in and then they can tell them precisely what laws apply or don't apply.

    Beyond that there are also things they have to consider like how to ensure the elders don't do anything that will increase the risk of litigation against the organisation.

    Time and time again it has been demonstrated that the elders are so brainless that they have to be told what the law is.


    Why is the WTBTS currently spending Jeeho-bucks to hide behind "clergy/penitent privilege" in Deleware, USA?? How does that jive with Geoffrey Jackoffs statement to the Austrailian Royal Comission?

    He told that the WTBTS would gladly comply with any reporting laws that Australia had. He implied that it was Australia's fault that so many kids were molested. After all, where were the mandatory reporting laws???

    Perhaps he meant that the WTBTS would comply with any laws that they couldn't beat in a court of law?



    Perhaps many Elders aren't thinking in legal terms at all? What if Elder Oldtimer thinks, " By Golly, touching kids is just plain wrong! I'd better report that dag-gum prevert to the Superior Authorities!", but then gets reprimanded by MOTHER?

    What if WT LEGAL is the only thing keeping decent, albeit ignorant J-Dumbs from doing the right thing? The Channel of God is a powerful influence. How many of us cringed and feared that we had sinned, when we started doubting?


  • flipper

    Thanks for posting- very interesting.

    I still see a lot of - multiple times " contact the legal department", " contact the legal department ". I mean- these days WT leaders are so paranoid about elders dropping the ball and screwing up and costing the WT Society $$$$ millions - they won't let the elders take a shit without calling WT legal. Which means they're running scared- and well they should be with multiple child abuse lawsuits against them around the world.

    WT Society is so concerned about elders screwing up that they have to get the Circuit Overseer involved on every allegation of child abuse judicially now with HIM making the call on which elders lead the JC . I don't know if this is different or not- perhaps someone else knows ?

    But as someone mentioned earlier there is STILL no definitive instructions here making it mandatory for the elders to go to the police or authorities regarding child abuse. They allow victims and victims families to report- but elders are STILL being told to report to " WT legal " for child abuse crimes. Bizarre. WT leaders are STILL more concerned about the financial and legal fallout than the actual molesters being punished by the law authorities.

    The statement, " If the wrongdoer is repentant and is reproved, the reproof should be announced to the congregation . This announcement will serve as a PROTECTION for the congregation. " Uh-huh. Like all the parents would know the person is reproved for child abuse- right ? Not. People won't know unless elders talk to them personally- and we know that ain't gonna happen. So much of this letter is same shit- different day

  • Mozzie

    Police should always be notified. In the young people ask book i believe it talks about reporting these things to the elders or the family, but no where does it say to contact \authorities. Abuse it abuse, does it not say, to report these things to the police.

  • Saename
    konceptual99 - Time and time again it has been demonstrated that the elders are so brainless that they have to be told what the law is.

    Yeah... That's been pretty much proven during the Australian Royal Commission.

    flipper - So much of this letter is same shit- different day.

    Yeah... This letter is gold bullshit. Kind of like this:

    It's decorated nicely with gold and a red pillow, but at the end of the day... it's just shit. The letter may be nicely written, and it may sound well-organised to a normal Witness, but it's still the same shit.

    Mozzie - In the young people ask book i believe it talks about reporting these things to the elders or the family, but no where does it say to contact \authorities.

    I've never read the Young People Ask books, but I'll take your word for it. So... go(o)d point!

    They're telling young, innocent people to contact elders, but they don't let them know of the policies that the elders have. Those young ones have no idea what the elders will do—and they will most likely do nothing—yet are still told to report to the elders. Those young people will think that the elders will protect them, take care of them, but as it's been proven time and time again, those foolish elders have no f*cking idea what to do in cases of child abuse. Because... guess what... neither of them has a degree in a relevant field in order to talk to and help an abused victim. Disgusting. And then they tell in courts that they are guided by some letters from 7 men in New York, so they know what they're doing... They. Are. F*cking. Fools. Let us, both theists and atheists, pray to heavens for Hell so that those fools could learn a lesson.


  • Scully

    may now qualify for minor privileges, such as carrying or adjusting microphones, operating audio/video equipment, or assisting with accounts, literature, magazines, or territories

    My issue is not with such so-called "minor privileges". Why the hell are these monsters permitted to participate in Field Ministry™? If they put a blanket ban on Door-to-Door™ for child molesters, it would keep the Congregation™ from "sharing in the sins of others", by permitting a molester access to children, their parents and their homes. Sure, they claim that a known molester should be "supervised" by an Elder™ when they participate in Field Service™, but how do they know that the molester is not scoping out vulnerable families while going Door-to-Door™? How do they know that the molester - once they establish contact with a vulnerable family while going Door-to-Door™ - won't attempt to return ALONE at a later time? Why the hell are they aiding and abetting molesters in locating targets by insisting that they participate in Field Ministry™?

  • ToesUp

    No matter what WT does...they do not report to the authorities and they do not let the Rank and File know that there is a child molester in their midst. Bottom line, they are protecting the child molester instead of the congregation and most importantly the children . It is all about protecting WT ("bringing reproach upon Jehovahs name"). Sick!

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