What Were Your Elders Real World Jobs?

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  • sparky1

    I have known 3 window washing Elders. I worked for one for a very, very, very short time when I was pioneering. The other 2 actually have cleaned or are currently cleaning the windows at the business where I am employed! I have known of:

    2 self employed plumbers

    2 machinists ( 1 of these actually was manager of a large shop)

    1 machine operator

    1 general manager of his fathers factory

    4 carpenters

    1 grocery store manager

    1 TBA salesman

    1 postal worker

    1 warehouse manager

    1 small engine mechanic

    1 heavy equipment mechanic

    Lots of different jobs but I have never known any Elder with any type of college degree.

  • Spiral

    Several building contractors and/or carpenters. Two retired after jobs turned out poorly and there were legal issues. (It's a smaller town so everyone knows.)

    Two owners of janitorial business. Window washing included.

    One retired on disability.

    One worked for the gas utililty all his life.

    One machinist or welder (?)

    One successful businessman (came in to the "truth" later after business was established)

    Used to be, when I was a kid (60s) the elders all had "better" jobs because, in those times, you didn't have to be college educated to do well, or at least be comfortable.

    Now, I see the next gen is struggling to get by. Their wives do a fair bit of cleaning jobs to help out. Two MSs who do window washing and janitorial work.

    The lack of education really has hurt them.

  • schnell

    I know a few wealthy enough elders here, but most of them weren't so fortunate. My brother tells me he's trying to go part time in his construction business, despite his competition.

    What gets me is how much your average JW has saved for retirement.

  • Zaccheus

    Elders in 80s and 90s for me:

    Retired small factory owner

    Retired auto factory supervisor

    Car salesman/business owner

    Chimney sweep

    Window/office cleaner

    Utility worker

    Auto mechanic

    Coal miner


    Floor/window cleaner

  • ShirleyW

    The majority were employed by NYC Transit, most of them being bus drivers, a few subway conductors

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    I've served on bodies of elders which had multi-millionaires on them, more than once. Not all of them are janitors.

  • atomant

    l was working for a roof restoration company back in the mid eightys as a salesman.Door to door high pressure selling and the work being done was of a very poor standard.l recall counting 20 elders at a sales meeting all learning how to con unsuspecting home owners into having something done that wasn't necessary..

  • HereIgo

    Early and mid 2000's

    COBE - Retired Salesman, and struggling might I add

    Service Overseer - Self employed architect

    Secretary - Retired landscaper

    WT Conductor - Bank Executive, college educated

    Elder 5 - Elderly, retired

    Elder 6 - IT Professional

    Elder 7 - Salesman

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    1) IT College Professor (COBE)

    2) Unemployed, on Workmen's Comp for over several years (while Regular Pioneering)

    3) Government Appraiser

    4) Auto Mechanic

  • tiki

    Owner of business

    All the guys he hired

    Owner of cleaning business

    All his male family members he hired...one of whom was intellectually challenged...really, really.



    Factory workers

    Car mechanic


    That all I recall...

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