For those of you who've watched the Witnesses documentary, let's suppose for a moment that...

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  • SaTarso

    I was so encouraged by the information shared in the documentary, I really hope that the database is recovered by authorities and all their filth is exposed to the light of day. This organization has caused so much pain and hurt to so many families. I have been praying for the fall of this cult for years and I will continue to pray, justice is coming to so many very soon.

  • dubstepped

    I don't think that they'll go bankrupt because of abuse claims. It still has to be tied to them in a way that results in real monetary damages. Even if the database was released it would just show that a lot of awful people were inside the Borg but people would stay in the cult and again, you still have to tie them to direct fault.

    Take, for instance, the cases on the show. The first two ladies have a great case, in my opinion, because it was known that the person in their midst was likely a pedophile and they didn't do much to protect these girls. The third lady, Sara(h?), was abused by someone and nobody knew before then if memory serves. So what was the organization supposed to do? Now, any girls abused after her might have a case, but the cult won't likely be held responsible for every abuser in their midst.

    I know people get upset and want the cult destroyed, and I do too, but I don't see it realistically even if the database came out. I want it out because I want those people that did, or were accused of, awful things, to be investigated. But I don't see it bringing them down. People are always claiming that the world is ending, or that the cult is ending, and yet it persists and grows. I think things like this are good for inoculating the public and getting the people on the bubble to jump off, and it makes us all feel validated. And that's enough. If it brings down the cult that would be great, but I'll never rest my hope on that.

  • wannabefree

    ... I'd also be curious how many victims remain in the organization to this day and would never even consider a lawsuit against Mother.

  • LongHairGal


    I also don’t believe that the release of this elusive database is going to bring down the JW religion.

    It will just give satisfaction to a lot of people. I don’t know that anybody can get any real justice. The best thing people can do is move on and live well. The religion will still continue because there are still people that will support it.

    The best that anybody can hope for is that the eyes of the public are fully open now and they will avoid the religion more than they normally would..Maybe the religion will keep selling off halls, making people drive ridiculous distances ‘til they get tired of it..If they make the transition to an online religion only (as some think), they’re finished as far as I’m concerned because I believe most JW’s contributions would eventually cease.

    In my opinion, once JWs taste the freedom of no more meetings and no hounders, most will adapt and the JW religion will finally be a footnote in history with other American sects.

  • smiddy3

    I don`t know why law enforcement agencys just can`t go in and seize the documents ,they seem to be able to do it in the political realm or News media Tv stations etc. when they want to.

    I mean to say arent they defying court orders ? that say they are to present these files to the authorities ?

    So why arent the authorities doing their job ? and seizing these files themselves ?

    How many examples do we have that show over many issues that the law can be an ASS .

  • Dagney

    I don't think this will bring the WT down. It's a nuisance for them, and they have to keep figuring out how to hide money/documents, create more lawyers etc.

    I watched the new Cedars video on the Loesch's talk at the annual meeting. I thought it was interesting, the KH grabs internationally. Hey, it worked great here in the USA. And in other areas building the generic KH's that can easily be sold when needed. All of a sudden they need more KH's! I too think it's a way to generate income by investing in real estate. Unlimited funds to invest under the guise of providing places of worship and then when the time is right, they are sold.

    This child abuse issue is like thousands of stinging mosquito bites on mother. It's wonderful to watch the continued attack on the WT. Their arrogance in refusing to change their procedure, the "we will never change the two witness rule" stance...never say never buddy! The way they absolutely vilify victims, and protect the pedo, is only to protect the corporation. It is so disgusting to me.

    I really hate this organization.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    It would be catastrophic for the org because it would demonstrate that their (Bible based) judgement on individuals is at odds with the law of the land. For example there are presumably those who have erred, now repentant and now "in good standing" who by legal investigation would be still subject to imprisonment etc.

    The revelation that a member or two of the earlier governing body are also in this category, would greatly weaken the illusion of the governing body as a divinely chosen group.

    Their hubris for imagining that they are above the law is matched by their other failure in the matter of child abuse and that is their total disregard for the plight of the abused.

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    I heard that the WT has hired the same firm that held all those emails for Hillary Clinton.


    Here’s what I loved about the documentary:

    1) The Steven Lett connection to one of the survivors. I never knew anything about that. It was a shocking as learning that Jaracz was involved in orchestrating the Pedo-database. Just like Jaracz, zero actual fucks given about children.

    It makes me seriously wonder if the pedo-paradise has been cultivated purposely ( in the past perhaps ) because past leaders were pedophiles and engineered the current system to protect themselves and here we are today.

    2) I loved seeing the rude and unloving manner of all the Eldubs on film. The Bethelites, the best of the best, were mostly rude, also cowardly. Then, the way they made Zalkin and Bundy wait in their vehicle for 45 minutes was insane. What the F were the GB thinking and doing in that 45 minute period?

    The Scientology feel was off the charts at Warwick.


  • NC1998

    There are SO many ways to hide money now. Imagine all the faithful that would jump at the chance to divert official funds to a safe place that they happen to live to hold for the body members. They could easily already have accounts under names nowhere near related to themselves in places no one could get to but them. This could have been done with cash through yet other names totally unrelated to the GovB or WT.

    It's then just a matter of disappearing before things get too hot and living out the rest of their years with their own personal ministry straight from God to the locals explaining how they are modern day Antioch. They must survive to keep "the truth" going, so God has directed them to be wealthy fugitives.

    It sounds crazy, but then everything they already say and do actually does.

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