Leah Remini Scientology series might tackle Jehovah's Witnesses in season 3

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  • HiddlesWife

    @I ownmylife=> you forgot about the blood ban: How fully indoctrinated JDubs have put their own families plus themselves at risk for this regulation--no matter what the cost! (In fact, for this reason, many people I have met up with, in different areas of my life, have mentioned that the above is the reason why they personally dislike the BORG!).

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    @HiddlesWife - you're RIGHT, sorry i did forget that. (senior moment, lol) Also i just now remembered the topic of "Does WT really deserve to have tax-exempt status..."

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    @Simon, of course what you say is the right way to go, for a serious show about what's wrong with WT and why people should beware.

    My thought was to make a summary of things I've personally experienced, some things I learned by reading this forum, from watching the ARC videos and other sources all over the internet. Not even a good list; i forgot a lot of topics!

  • LongHairGal


    I see where you are coming from and I am sorry for Witnesses who have suffered from these policies. The problem is that the public cannot relate to these things. Only another cult member would understand.

    I think it's best to concentrate on the biggie: the pedophilia scandal. This is something the public WILL understand and will cause outrage.

  • flipper

    All I can Say is " Go Leah " yes ! Bring it on baby- I'm ready for this JW cult to be exposed. It's caused so much suffering and division in my family over 65 years . WT leaders need to be exposed and pay for the pain and crimes they have allowed

  • jp1692
    However, I wonder if the WTS is really weird and wacky enough to make good TV? Many of the beliefs are actually closer to mainstream Christianity, certainly more than Mormons or Scientologists are.

    Good question and an important doctrinal distinction between Scientologists and JWs.

    But what makes a group a cult is not the "wackiness" of their beliefs per se, but how those beliefs and the cult's practices harm and do damage to the cult's followers: physically, mentally and emotionally.

    This is the value of inter-faith-Apostate work - someone from a different cult will be able to see certain nuances that may pass outsiders by, but isn't an "Apostate" of that religion that can be dismissed.

    This is a great point. And the fact that Remini has already built a reputation exposing her own religion will be important for JWs when and if she does turn her attention to them.

    Love the phrase "interfaith apostates." I'm gonna use it for sure!

  • TerryWalstrom

    From an "insider":
    "A&E has been attacked legally so badly by Scientology that they held off writing the first check for our JW series because of fear of JW litigation..."

  • Incognito

    If the show does get produced, hopefully Leah will involve Steven Hassan more than she did during the Scientology series. I could see Hassan reviewing similarities in cult behaviour.

  • nonjwspouse

    The people producing the show are the type to take that hold back of the check for fear of litigation, as a challenge to meet and do it anyway. Heck, they might even make it public knowledge. Quite a black eye on the Jw Org. Bwahahaha.

    THANK YOU Leah and Mike for tackling the JW/Watchtower!

  • HeyLittleGirl

    JW's might not have compounds where they imprison and torture members who want to leave like Scientology does, but I think the mental and emotional manipulation/abuse to JW's is just as bad as in Scientology.

    I think Leah will find plenty of content to do a series on JW's.

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