Are JWs now encouraged to volunteer?

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  • Athanasius

    After I retired I volunteered for several community service programs, including working with the local food bank. Every fourth Thursday of each month I help out in distributing food to needy families at the local Veterans Building. I've been helping out for five years now. But six months ago an older couple joined our volunteer group. They were both Anglo, but fluent in Spanish, something very helpful as many of our clients are Hispanic with limited English.

    It gets more interesting. After all the clients were served last Thursday and we were cleaning up, this man was having a lengthy conversation in Spanish with the food bank's truck driver. The guy was showing the driver his cell phone and explaining in Spanish how the driver could visit

    Because of some of the things this guy has said in the past, I suspected that he might be a JW, and this seemed to confirm it. Still it seems strange that a JW would waste several hours each month volunteering his time for a "Worldly Charity" and not out knocking on doors or standing by a literature trolley.

  • Quarterback
    Good for him. I know some JW's that volunter for Cancer victims, and other health organizations.
  • berrygerry


    And especially not a food bank, if it's interfaith.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Do they have to do volunteer work as a condition of their probation?
  • Athanasius

    Not sure if there are many JWs among our clients, as I haven't attended a local KH in over 30 years. But I did recognize an elderly JW getting food from the bank. He didn't say anything when handed him a sack of potatoes, not even thank you.


    Are JWs now encouraged to volunteer?

    Do they have to do volunteer work as a condition of their probation?.....BTXB

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  • zeb
  • Divergent
    Looks like they are going undercover to preach & they have an ulterior motive in helping
  • Athanasius

    That may be their intent, Divergent. They speak Spanish and many of our clients are Hispanic and needy. So the JW "pie in the sky" theology would have great appeal to people who are financially disadvantaged.

  • steve2
    Who said they are necessarily JWs? They could be non-JWs who are interested in the organization but otherwise aren't overly influenced by it.

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