God wants to remain unidentified

by anointed1 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Finkelstein

    What does this show?

    That " A" God(s) will always be an imaginary ideological concept born mostly out of human ignorance and emotive theory

  • DJS

    What a narcissist. The following is an example of argument by intimidation, as the anointed1 likens truth with those who see god in a flower and conversely suggests that those who do not see god in a flower are not truth. At least I think that's what her holiness is trying to say.

    @anointed!: "Thus a true seer is motivated to exhibit this unconditional love and people around him appreciate him as epitome of beauty, fragrance and sweetness!"

    We pagans clearly aren't in the true seer category. Apparently we are false non-seers. Just like the Dark Lords used to say: only those truly seeking god will see him. And of course those truly seeking god were ONLY the Dark Lords. But apparently now we can add anointed1 to that group.

    Buh bye your holiness; say hello to the Pope, the Dark Lords, or the Dalai Lama for us.

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