God wants to remain unidentified

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    I take only what is beneficial, and I do not know why such carnivorous being exists

  • Heaven
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    I take only what is beneficial, and I do not know why such carnivorous being exists - but my above examples are beneficial to the animals that have them.

    e.g. a shark's dentition helps it catch and process food ...

  • anointed1

    Yes Heaven

    I agree with you, and I go into silence from now onward


    Take care

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  • waton
    a1: "I take only what is beneficial, and I do not know why such carnivorous being exists

    Without carnivores, we would have no flowers today. Carnivores keep the vegetarian flower eaters in check. check and balances.

    you truly are A-I, top of some of the other anointed.

  • Vidiot

    "Can't you people leave me in peace???" - God

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Thanks for posting a1. Hostile bunch here sometimes!

    As we depart the grip of the JW religion we drop the old “imperatives” but are then confronted with attractive fresh beliefs which we often wrangle with to fit into our new and evolving perceptions. This is a positive thing to do.

    I can see that you are indeed exploring good ideas and long may that continue. Putting thoughts out on this site is often met by being slapped down in a ‘pavlovian’ response to particular errors! Partly it is the reaction of those of us who once were fooled by some of these very notions.

    Don't lose heart, it takes determination to get to the root of some things such a as who or what God is or isn’t. What I find encouraging is that all ideas do ---like plants--- have roots. Some ideas have flowered for thousands of years!

    Once we imagined we had the one and only definitive “Truth” and on escaping from this trap we often imagined there was another body of doctrines which serves as an alternative and monolithic “Truth”. We often defend to the hilt those things we would like to retain such as the hope of paradise or the almightiness of God. But these are matters of emotion not tangible reality.

    Instead of absolutism or belief because it sounds good; there exist myriads of testable evidential "factoids" which are assembled within an evolving scientific frame of perception and these form the only useful information for the progress of humanity. It’s not a case of new light, more a matter of ever getting a sharper focus on the cosmos and all it contains.

    Scent and colour in flowers and insect mimicry in orchids for that matter, whilst fascinating cannot be linked to a creator, if you can demonstrate otherwise do let me know.

    It can however be shown scientifically that preferential selectivity by pollinating insects would give rise to these charming aspects of the flora .


    God wants to remain unidentified

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  • schnell

    Yeah, yeah, God is good. Yeah, yeah, God is great....

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