How Detached Are The Governing Body From Members Of the Bethel Family Where They Live?

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  • DesirousOfChange

    I think they "mingle" and make a show of humility when they rub elbows with the average Bethelite schmuck, but in reality the ones I've met have entitlement issues and expect, not just everything, but the BEST of everything for free. You should feel privileged and blessed to spend a year's wages to "pour oil upon their heads", just as was shown when it was reported by a airline attendant that they purchased First Class seating for the GB & spouse.

    That's easy to do when you have an addiction to opium (OPM) -- Other Peoples Money. . . . . Doc

  • sparky1

    "It was the underling feeling that deep down you knew that they really didn't care for us workers." - new boy

    And they 'made no bones about it'! I was having terrible digestion problems at Bethel. Most of the time I vacillated between constipation, diarrhea and throwing up. So I went and talked my issues over with Dr. Roylance. His answer was: 'If you don't like the food at Bethel, you can LEAVE at any time.' No medical advice or ordering of tests to see if he could help me. Years later, after still suffering I found out that I had severe 'gluten sensitivity'. Thank goodness for two REAL doctors from two different disciplines. Both were wise enough to give me an endomysial antibody blood test. I am still not 100% but am doing better than I was at 'Gods House'. At Bethel, you were just another 'cog in the wheel' that could be replaced at any time.

  • Fisherman

    Once upon a time, bethel service was only for a few years...then somehow it became some lifer career thing. -LGH

    Not the way it happened. Actually, once upon a time, bethelites, lucky enough to qualify for the service, were encouraged by bethel to make bethel their career. It was not until the recent past that that has apparently changed.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Great comments.

    I was at bethell in the mid 70's when the dropped the 4 year requirement after Knorr's power as president was cut in two by the forming of committees made up of GBs in 74 i believe and I think that was when I first herd of making bethel a career and I got out of their in 76 after only a year in a half at the place, because I could see the big difficulty I would be in if I stayed their for very long and got kicked out for something and had absolutely no money.

    This batch of GB's seems to be the most detached GBs ever, except for perhaps Knorr, I herd all kinds of comment about how he as prez would always do the text and many old timers were glad to see him not doing the mourning worship. He had to be a real prick.

    Anyway that was 40+ years ago.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    This is dedicated to the GB there at headquarter situated nicely from public view smack dab on top of a former chemical dumping ground in the woods.

  • No longer a Babe
    No longer a Babe

    Brokeback love it ! 1956 that was 60 years ago ! Last century....last millennium. Once we were told to advertise,advertise the King and his kingdom ! Strange to give up the best advertising position sign proclaiming "The Watchtower" ... Jahoobers corporate entity at Brooklyn. Now the Almighty God of the Universe prefers to hide the Watchtower name and even his own name down to JW.ORG . What a farce.!!! Hide the ivory tower in the woods is spot on. The GB are hoping the name Jehovah and Watchtower disappear pretty quickly and hidden from the masses. Now just waiting for the 1914 date to disappear from the records. They know the game is up. Fasten your seat belts current JW's. You are all in for a very bumpy ride. Armageddon has been cancelled and Paradise is already here in upstate New York. Do not tell me you still have not woken up ?

  • Crazyguy

    I often wonder if the GB don't in fact live in New York City in posh condos and just drop in from time to time at the new headquarters.

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, it might have back around then when it started to sound like bethel would be a place to stay for life.

    Good for you that you were able to see the BIG picture and the enormity of the bad situation you would be in if you got kicked out of bethel at a later date with NO money. Of course, you were referring to if you pissed somebody off and got dismissed. You could not have known it would be because of their money issues.

    I wish all the fired bethelites the world over good luck getting settled outside in the world. Some might be doing okay; others not so much. And I also hope that those few bethelites who are still left wherever are making preparation for what may happen! They have had plenty of warning!

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower


    • I wish all the fired bethelites the world over good luck getting settled outside in the world. Some might be doing okay; others not so much. And I also hope that those few who are still left are making preparation for whatever may happen!

      Yes I feel sorry for them just as I would for any sucker they hook into servitude or slave labor with no pay what so ever, heck I'd probably feel sorry for these dumb ass Governing Body members if they would wake up and smell the coffee or on second thought probably not. I personally wish after leaving bethel I would have found out it was all bull shit but the internet had to happen first and maybe that is a good thing I don't know.

  • Finkelstein

    One the many corrupt lies the WTS had put out recently was that it was going broke and could not afford special pioneers anymore.

    Blatant lie for the WTS has never been richer in its entire history, mostly due its sales of real estate.

    The GB live off the WTS $$$ and its assets and then randomly expel long time workers at branches and special pioneers to the curb broke.

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