How Detached Are The Governing Body From Members Of the Bethel Family Where They Live?

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Well consider for a moment the layoffs at bethel? The GB simply reassigned them out in the field for after many years of service it seems with out batting an eye with no real severance pay. Now to me that spells detachment and lack of any real concern for those who served loyally for years.

    Spain is trying to get some type benefits for the people/citizens in their country who served the WT corporation for years and are no longer of any use to the corporation. The WT is doing everything in it power not to fairly give those workers anything that will cost the corporation money bottom line.

    Massive layoffs of workers at headquarters where they are given short notice to pack their bags and leave the premises I think spells out just how much they really care about those close to them as neighbors and friends living in the same building.

    Now they make a showing display of love to the bethel family while they live in their ivory tower aloof from the suffering of those that serve them there at bethel.

    At some point it must become noticeable to those not completely brain dead from eating all that spiritual food at the faithful and discreet's table.

    The F&DS/GB are bottom line company/corporation men whose main concern is financial prosperity of the corporation no matter what or who may stand in the way.

  • TheWonderofYou

    It's the system, where the organisation aka the "company" itself is worth to get donated financilly everything, even heritages from everybody....and likewise is allowed to gain financially from everything imagineable

    It's the system, where human manpower is excluded from gaining financial benefit from working for the "company.

    The company therefore is comparable to a holy cow of JW, the Rolls-Royce of God, the holy vehicle used for the preaching work. You need this car but you cant gain profit personally from it.

    You have to buy this "God's Rolls-Royce" for 2 billion $ (or monthly part payments) and because it is God's, it is worth nearly everything you possess, even your mothers heritage you would give.

    But then you would simply ride around in it dressed as a poor pioneer with some allowence money in your pocket and look that someone offered you a cup of cold water in the service or when you hold a talk. Also you would hope that someone would help you if you are older or ill and cant afford the monthly rates for the God's Car or image, you cant drive anymore because you cant hold the wheel! [thats when the car layes you off]

    You could make road-shows with this car, even impress girls with it, you could sleep in it, pimp it up with "Kingdom come", ...but .... you can never sell it and have a little personal benefit, its because it is reserved for God's holy ongoing roundtrip.

    And thats the worst: You cant even rent it out and then pay with the money your insurance for the retirement. How will you continue your journey? (quote:Rolls Royce)

    You only pay for it all the time and impress with it."How magnificient our Car is, its a sign of blessing is it not?"

    What a crazy life-style!

  • new boy
    new boy

    How true

    Probably my first realization over 45 years ago serving at bethel, that there was something wrong.... was just that. It wasn't the doctrines or the double standards. It was the underling feeling that deep down you knew that they really didn't care for us workers.

    "By their love you will know them" Sad but true.

  • sparrowdown

    The truth of the matter is every slave for this psychopathic org is nothing but human capital- a bulk product to be shipped, moved around, cancelled, recalled whenever the bastards want. There is no love for the product or care or responsibility for it's welfare or any regret for any wastage or damage.

    The upside - when I realized how one-sided the relationship was between me and the borg (I loved them they didn't love me) I woke up, hopefully others will also.

  • flipper

    BROKEBACK- Great thread, so true. The GB couldn't care less what happens to Bethel layoff recipients OR what happens to rank & file JW's across the planet. The selling off of kingdom halls everywhere is another evidence of that fact- making JW's having to travel in some cases 30 miles one way to just go to meetings because their kingdom halls are sold off for " mother's " financial benefit to the detriment of rank & file JW's needs. To the GB THOSE needs are not important- what's important is the financial success of the WT organization. Pretty twisted and sick - yet they claim to be " Christians " . If they are " Christians " - then I'm a duck who quacks

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I know when I was there one of my overseer's favorite sayings was that most of the ones at Bethel were there just for the free food and shelter. It used to drive me crazy to have him saying that all the time, he would say that most of the bethelights just dragged themselves around not wanting to work. Funny thing is I never remember seeing him really work.

    He told me I was this huge women who should be able to do any job assigned to me. I weighed at the time about 120 pounds and I was asked to life at least 90 pounds over my head in construction work. I have tried to lift up to 150 in the jobs I was assigned. It was crazy and I have the scars to prove it by the hernias that I have had to pay for out of pocket. I figuer it has cost me about $20 grand in med bills to cover it. Stupid tax for going to Bethel.

    If instead of working for free at Bethel or as my overseer liked to put it for the free food and shelter and instead worked at a real job I would be in such a better place now.

    It just makes me so bitter looking back.


  • Fisherman

    Well consider for a moment the layoffs at bethel?

    Bethel ain't a job. JW go to Bethel because they believe it is a service to God. The days of making Bethel a career are over.

  • LongHairGal


    Apparently some felt it was!!

    Once upon a time, bethel service was only for a few years...then somehow it became some lifer career thing. That was the worst mistake for the bethelites they ever made. It's so sad to see people over a certain age sent out into the world with no money or skills.

    I would have more pity if they didn't criticize people with college and careers. They are going to find out what it's like to live in the REAL world.

    The RELIGION owes these people, big time, not anybody else. I'm just glad I'm no longer there to hear all these appeals for money!

  • Vidiot

    Brokeback WT - "How detached are the Governing Body from members of the Bethel Family where they live?

    So detached, that the only thing they have in common is where they live.

  • No longer a Babe
    No longer a Babe

    I have no pity...I do not shed a tear.....Armageddon has been cancelled. They were idiots !. Hope they have taken out funeral insurance cause they have been conned. The only Paradise they will ever see is in upstate New York were the GB ( Goon Brigade) reside in luxury. Maybe they were/are not loyal enough to Jahoober to not being offered a place in GB'S new world Walkill Paradise. Yes welcome to the real world folks and get a real job and mix with real people..

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