Today's WT Study: "Return to Jehovah" - Lots of Elephants in the Room

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  • Longlivetherenegades

    Conversation between a Jw and an ex-jw about this article.........

    JW :I want you to come back to Jehovah

    Ex-Jw: I am not aware that I have left Jehovah

    Letter of disassociation from WTBTS does not mean letter of disassociation from Jehovah.

    Infact letter of disassociation confirm you rubbed their own words as found in the Bible teach book page 183 "remember too that you have made a dedication to Jehovah God himself, not to a work, a cause, other humans, or an ORGANIZATION in their very face.

    Those out already your LEAVING should tell you, you are not dedicated to a GROUP of people, dedicated to the ONE and ONLY ORGANIZATION God is using on earth( despite that same organization working directly and indirectly for Satan's organization).

    How does the ONLY Jehovah's organization on earth work directly or indirectly for Satan's organization? Don't forget, there are only two biggest organization on EARTH.

    1. God's Organization(WTBTS)

    2. Satan's Organization (all other organization you can think off on earth)

    But for God's earthly organization to function in any lands on earth owned and controlled by Satan's organization, God's organization must obtain LICENCE and article of Association prepared and stamped by MINISTERS and AGENTS of Satan's organization.

    So tell me how can this ORGANIZATION avoid working DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY for Satan's organization?

    Don't forget in a hurry, the USDA one of the AGENT of Satan's organization is in partnership with Jehovah’s organization has provided practical physical assistance with a Food Distribution Program.

    What difference is there between WTBTS and other organization?

    Jehovah's organization work directly or indirectly for Satan's organization


    Satan's organization work directly or indirectly for God's organization

  • FedUpJW

    What I find most puzzling is how they can spend hours, in a very unpleasant situation, knocking on random doors and yet give so little attention to existing membership.

    Agreed. I remember once asking one of the elders, on one of the very few occasions that they made a "beat the flock" call on me, if they really thought it was a productive use of time to try to forcefully drag new people in the front door of the kingdom hall while at the exact same time willingly letting existing members walk out the back door without a word of concern? His arrogant reply? "If they do not want to be here, we really do not want them here either! After all. . .Jesus said, 'GO and make disciples, NOT stay, and KEEP disciples!' "

  • JWTom


    My thought was that JW policies, rules and traditions are very effective at getting people out of the organization. The ministry brings in very few. If the GB would think to have an accountant or organizational strategy person help them out they would learn that reducing the number of things that cause people to leave....would greatly increase the "growth" of the organization long-term.

  • LongHairGal


    I can almost visualize the face of an arrogant brother who would make a comment like that. Maybe decades ago when they had enough interested people there was an arrogant attitude and they just weren’t interested if somebody wasn’t treated well.

    I remember mentioning this observation to somebody and remember the callous mentality and the ‘counsel’ I got back. They threw it back in your lap and said ‘ should be doing., etc.’ In essence:.. turn yourself into a doormat. Anything less by a woman and you weren’t ‘putting on a Christian personality’ 🙄 or some such nonsense.. (I didn’t buy it.)

    Yes, it’s true that Jesus said: “go and make disciples”. But, he didn’t say we should tolerate the things that I and others have experienced!!

    I noticed they fawned over new people..but treated certain people already there with open contempt. Oh, well, I suppose that’s because I worked and didn’t do favors for the Users.

    ...and now they want the people who couldn’t run fast enough to go back.

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