I feel like such a fool!

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  • LittleToe


    The joy's of the Internet

    Seems like as good a case for spanking, as ever I've seen (assuming "she" is "13" - otherwise hanging is too good for "her"!!!)

  • ballistic

    Oh dear, Swan. How awfull. I agree with what Valis said and others. I think this should be a warning to those of us who can be too trusting. These kids are growing up in a world where the internet is their playground, and they're used to getting screwed over themselves, it just follows.

  • ignored_one

    How did she get your yahoo ID?

    Maybe it was a JW having some 'fun'.

    Ignored One.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Swan there is nothing stupid about wanting. or loving , or believing.

    This person has learned to manipulate. I think you handled it extremely well considering the amount of betrayal you must have felt.

    Sometimes the best lessons are the ones we learn when we are hurt. Although there are great people out there on the internet there are some dangerous ones too.

    I'd say you have learned some powerful lessons in all of this and if you do learn them and use them in the future then this mess will be a lesson learned and learned well. Questions are always appropriate. If someone takes offence then move on. What got so many of us into trouble is that we were taught to stop asking questions. I have a sneaking suspicion that falling into trap like this is pretty usual for many of us. But you won't make that mistake again.

    Learn the lesson and pat yourself on the back for starting to ask some excellent questions. This could have been so much worse and gone on for a lot longer if you hadn't responded to some feeling inside and started asking those questions.

    So maybe instead of beating yourself up you need to reward yourself by saying "I did the right thing and asked what I needed to know to verufy this person reliability"

    Personally I wish you hadn't been hurt but I bet that you won't fall for this again


  • moonwillow

    I am so sorry Swan. Don't be so hard on yourself. The internet can be a very kind place and a very wicket place for us all. It's so sad that there are people out there that will do something like that. It seems so easy for some to hide behind that great all mighty screen they have sitting in front of them and be someone they are not. Hope your ok.

  • talesin
    Seems like as good a case for spanking,

    oh, please

  • Swan

    Thanks everyone!

    You are so right that I shouldn't be so hard on myself. I did several things wrong, but eventually I did do the right thing and started to listen to my little voice. My little voice is so wise, and yet I often don't listen soon enough, or listen at all. I think we were taught not to listen to that little voice. Maybe that is what cognitive dissonance is all about -- ignoring that all important little voice!

    I knew better about strangers on the Internet, yet I didn't ask those important questions, verify who I was speaking to, and that was because deep down I really wanted to believe so badly! I won't make that mistake again, hopefully.

    Anyway, it still hurts a lot, but it is getting better. Your kindnesses have helped me a lot.

    I'm starting to realize that I'm not a fool so much as I am just human.



    (((SWAN))) - so sorry to read of this.

    A 13 year old, playing with you; uncool, unwarranted, and unnecessary.

    Not your fault.

    Forgive her? She needs to forgive herself, if she even knows how to do that.

    You did nothing wrong; having been duped, even by adults (who shouldn't be playing childish games), I can tell you, lies and deceit, are indeed painful.

    If I could, and it were possible, I'd show this 13 year old the http: of a playground - indicating her furtive attempts at adulthood.

    Fisher-Price Toys website: courtesy of many of us, for her 'oh so clever' (NOT) attempts at fooling you; she didn't because even you could eventually see through her shallowness.

    No sweat! She has only herself to live with. Keep her on ignore/block. She's an emotional pariah.

    Look after yourself sweetie! You're amongst adults and REAL PEOPLE here.

  • Panda


    I'm so sorry to know you suffered at someones insensitivity. But as some have mentioned here this doesn't sound like a 13 yr old girl. The manipulation and "will you forgive me...can we still be friends" sounds like a man pretending to be a 13 yr old girl. I think you should report as mucha sas you know. Actually your little voice helped you out in plenty of time. So your survival skills are type A!!!!

  • berylblue

    Swan, please don't be so hard on yourself. You are not a fool in any way, shape or form.

    Besides the (alleged) 13 year old girl, in an oblique way, the WTS can be blamed. Shunning hurts. A lot. Some of us will do things we normally wouldn't if we think it will lead to our family members speaking to us, or at least acknowledge us.

    Swan, you're a lovely person with much to offer. You are among friends here.


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