Anxieties ??? what was yours while you were a JW ???

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  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    Was there anything in particular that made your stomach turn upside down in knots while you were a JW ?????

    Armageddon ???

    giving talks ???

    going to school (abuse for being a JW) ???

    going to work (abuse for being a JW) ???

    bumping into people you knew in field service ???

    afraid for your children ???

    endless counsel from elders ???

    any thoughts .......................

  • Victorian sky
    Victorian sky

    I knew I was toast at Armageddon, would have nightmares about it. I hated being 'bold' out in service, I always thought it was pushy and imposing on the beliefs of others. I would cringe during local needs talks because the congregation always knew that it was targeting someone and everyone knew about their situation. I never had to go before the elders, thank God. Watchtowers about what sexual positions God approves of and the comments that followed were ridiculous and embarrassing. And one of my pet peeves were uneducated brothers trying to sound smart and mispronouncing words and the Bible study looking at me like, 'I'll join when your elders graduate from high school!' - Victorian Sky

  • unique1

    That I would do something to make Jah hate me.

    That I would get disfellowshipped, subsequently kicked out of the house and not be able to talk to my friends anymore.

  • shotgun

    Yes to all of them rdw....

    The worst for me used to be the occasional assembly part...or an elders meeting concerning something I've done. As a teen I had a little too much too drink at a public event and wore face paint to was just a coincidence it was halloween that night...honest.

    The elders meetings don't bother me too much now..guess its because I've had quite a few lately.

  • SisterLiz

    I ABSOLUTELY ABHORRED PREACHING!!!!!!!! As a kid I used to come up with the craziest excuses so I wouldn't have to go.

  • oldcrowwoman

    3 major Anxieties:

    1) giving talks

    2) door to door so bad it would affect my bodily functions .

    3) High anxiety for fear they would find out that I did'nt belong in the org.

    Man what stress to be put through for 14 yrs.


  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    1. giving talks

    2. expressing my own opinion

    3. elders knocking on my door

    They were all over me....even had people spying on me, while pretending to befriend me....(grrrrrrrr)

    Frannie B

  • stillajwexelder

    Watchtowers about what sexual positions God approves of and the comments that followed were ridiculous and embarrassing.

    This was mine because while I was an elder me and my wife were doing things that were not approved of -- oral in particular - missionary was rare and that is about the only approved position by the WTBTS isnt it?

  • stillajwexelder

    How appropriate - I have just realized that was my post number 69!

  • maxwell

    I tried to be calm mostly but I have to admit at times things did make me anxious.

    Sometimes it was being different at school, but I would have been a nerd anyway.

    Then later when I first started my job. I used to be worried that my loyalty to the country would be called into question at some point since I work for the government.

    Then sometimes in field service I would be anxious, especially when with other people who were much more pushy than I. If a person said "I'm not interested", I generally did NOT try to overcome the objection with those little lines in the Reasoning, but some people would and they would force a person to say no 5 or 6 times. And the 1 or 2 times that I tried telephone witnessing really made me anxious because I knew that I always hung up on telemarketers within the first 5 seconds.

    I remember being anxious at a WNBA game I went to. They played the national anthem, and we were there sitting down while everyone around us was standing. Some people will get to a game late or make sure that they are out of their seats at concessions, in the hallway, or anything so that they won't be at their seats looking weird while everyone else is standing for the National Anthem. I guess we forgot to plan for it that time.

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