Did you ever work for a JW, while still in the borg ??? how was the pay ???

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  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    My nephew has been working for a JW, for about three years, part-time of course, has to do more service, pays him next to nothing, good training and learning experience though, but three years, and paying $7.00 an hour for maybe 20 hours a week, while the employer has a new car, and just bought a bigger house ??? yep, go figure ......................, that's the kind of person I want to work for, and the sad thing is, if he was to quit tomorrow, there are 20 little jw dubs ready to vulture into the job. UNREAL !!!

    You know, we have all read many experiences, about people who from 18 - 35 years old, worked part-time for less than average pay, to do more, when they hit their 30's they will have nothing, let alone trying to purchase a house or car, I hate to say it but basically no hope, just started to late in life.

    How heavy will the depression and disappointment be when they hit their 40's , 50's ???

    any thoughts ?????????

  • shotgun

    I worked as a teenager cleaning for various bro's and the pay was always at the bottom of the scale. The problem I had was JW employers always expected more from thier fellow JW's.....and if they did something wrong the old I'm not perfect brother would be used.

    Side note: I do reno work on the side and hate to do work for other JW's.

    I have had P.O's refuse to pay because of a misunderstanding on thier part which they later apologized for and also had them dispute paying full amount even though it was below the estimate.

    Maybe I was expecting more of them too which was also wrong.

    Keep up the Good work RDW and thanks for your past support.

  • Scully

    Yeah. The pay sucked. It was even worse because other employees - also JWs - wouldn't keep their mouths shut about what they were being paid. One girl, who did exactly the same work as me part time (and she would routinely quit for 6 months at a stretch) earned double what I did. As a matter of fact, I started looking for another job shortly after the JW boss gave HER a raise "because she's pioneering" (and because her father was a close friend of the boss) but turned around and told me that I would not only NOT be getting a raise, but that I would NEVER be getting one in the future. Nice way to retain your hardest-working employees, huh?

    Love, Scully

  • zev

    after a brief 3 year stint working as a service advisor under a jw service manager, i vowed then and will forever hold to it.

    i will NEVER work for or with a jw ever again. it sucked the big one.

    i saw more law breaking and fraud then i care to admit to.


    he got away with it.

    never again.

    my advice? sweep streets. its better than working for a jw even when it snows and your pushing sloppy wet slop into the drains.

    there. i wonder how i really felt ?

  • NeonMadman

    When I was 19, I worked for a while as a Fuller Brush salesman for an Area Manager who was a JW, but it was a straight commission sales job, so he didn't really control how much I made. We got along just fine until at one point he hired me as his assistant at a weekly salary, then he became ridiculously demanding, so much so that I quit after 4 weeks. When I told him I was quitting, he said, "Yeah, well, I was gonna let you go anyway," although he had shown no indication that he was displeased with my work.

    After that, I never worked for a JW again, though I had a few JW's work for me. When I was service manager for a restaurant linen supply company, I hired a young guy right out of the Paterson WT facility as a delivery driver. He wasn't a good worker, cut a lot of corners, and was occasionally rude to the customers. I warned him several times that his work was not what it needed to be, and I cut him a lot of slack because he was a JW. But finally, I was getting enough pressure from my boss that I had to let him go. When I dismissed him, his last words as he walked out the door were, "Jehovah will take care of you!"

  • drwtsn32

    Yep, my first job... I worked for a brother who owned a bottled water company. (Those 5-gallon dilvered water bottles.) He told me he'd pay me $6/hr to wash and fill bottles. I agreed and started working for him. When I got my first paycheck, he only paid me minimum wage ($4.25/hr at the time, I believe). That ticked me off but, like a good dub, I didn't want to cause any problems so I didn't speak up. I only worked for a few months before getting a better job.

    Edited to add: I forgot to mention that the owner of the business was supposedly one of the anointed.

  • freedom96

    As an employer, you hire people to take care of certain jobs within the business. The owner of the company will always make more money than the employees. That is simple business 101. I have no problem with that. It doesn't matter if the owner is a witness or not.

    What I don't like is sneaky, deceiptful employers, whether they are a witness or not.

    I have seen several witness employers in action, and I cannot say that they were above reproach.

  • caligirl

    I worked for a few and they were all crappy pay.

  • Thechickennest

    Yes! I worked my tail of for the presiding overseer of our congregation. He was the city overseer at the time as well. I cleaned commercial floors for him late nights. The pay was pitiful. However, the worst part was the chemicals he sold to the same accounts I cleaned. He provided nuetral floor cleaner in 5 gallon pails. He had me drain off one gallon in each pail and fill it back up with water and retain the extra gallon to help fill the empty five gallon pails we picked up. A small little scam, but typical of him. I am glad I seen him in action. It really started to open my eyes up to the hypocritical ways of the overseers. I am wiser now for sure and glad to have all that JW crap behind me!

  • Odrade

    Okay, the first dissenting answer. Yes, I worked for Witnesses, and it was a wonderful experience. No joke. I worked for a brother for several years. He paid me slightly more than the prevailing rate for my type of work. He guaranteed my hours, gave me time off when I wanted it. He was always fair, when the economy went south he kept me on as long as possible, then let me go fairly and with notice.

    I've come to realize that my experience working for/with JWs is not standard, but it should be, if they practiced what they preach. He was exactly the kind of fair boss that the Dubs would have you believe they all are.


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