Date of Adam's "Creation?

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  • Jeffro


    the WTS are young-earth creationists wether they like it or not

    They are day-age creationists.

    Though they have stepped away from directly stating that the 'creative days' were 7,000 years each, they still never say the 'days' were millions or billions or years, only ever saying that all the 'creative days' together may have been "many thousands" of years (though Insight says "at least thousands"), and they have never expressly stated that the 'creative days' were not 7,000 years each. (Though they allow for the period between 'the beginning' and the 'first day' to be millions or billions of years.)

  • Jeffro

    Disillusioned JW:

    What was once the Garden of Eden is now under a portion of the Persian Gulf

    Various sites have been proposed as locations for the Garden of Eden, but none are in any way verifiable.

    In the program a scientist using satellite imaging found the channels of all four of the rivers mentioned in Genesis 2:10-14 which Genesis says pinpoints the location of the Garden of Eden!

    The location of two of the rivers is entirely speculative, and the 'discovery' relies on distorting details of the story. But even if Eden were 'found', it would lend no more credence to the story in the Bible than finding New York would 'prove' Spider-Man is real.

    Jeffro, you are thus correct in saying the flood story based on a local flood in Mesopotamia, but it was an emense flood.

    It is only 'correct' to the extent that floods are a relatively common thing that happen to people who live near water. It isn't some kind of notable discovery that 'there was a flood' in a place where flooding could reasonably be expected to happen. Nor is it remarkable that flood stories around the world would include consistent themes of people surviving a flood in order to write about it, and the borrowed flood myth in Genesis is typical of such stories.

  • waton

    the bible becomes totally discredited for a modern guide to truth, when you fill in the details, water rising at 10 meters an hour, for 40 days, covering everest, all animals surviving for 9 month in a rickety wooden box held together by dowels. all endorsed by a perfect, knowledgeable woodworker, the carpenter from galil, alledged co creator of the universe, send to bear witness to the [scientific?] truth.

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