Lonesome time of year

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  • BluesBrother

    This is a difficult time of year , made worse by Covid. People like us find it strange because we don’t fit in. Like Punk , in his post above, I find the whole Christmas thing a big bore. I wouldn’t like the food , and who wants to pull crackers like children?

    I am glad my wife doesn’t want to do it.

    So, our friend’Road to Nowhere’ you are certainly not alone , but try and find reasons for positive thought . Things will get better … you’ll see.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Yes. In Dubland this time of year always sucked....due to indoctrinated family dragging you through it from childhood.

  • HiddlesWife

    I agree, to a certain degree. When it comes to a good deal of the Christmas songs, some which have certain melodies from the 1950s can be pretty sappy. The worst one, IMPO, is George Michael's "Last Christmas". Not only is the melody quite annoying and exasperating but the lyrics of unrequited love are pretty depressing. I still love George Michael (R.I.P.) plus the gift-giving and people getting together, but a number of songs I avoid listening to during this time of year.

  • BluesBrother

    I said yesterday that I am glad that we don’t. do it. . ….Now however I can’t help feeling a little strange. It is 7.30 Christmas morning . Outside is pitch dark and as quiet as the grave.

    It is not that I miss presents or the food but I have sense of emptiness , that the whole world has something that I and others don’t have. Maybe I miss the company, the warmth of a family gathering… although Covid might interfere with that these days.

    As a witness at least we had a sense of purpose, when I was young we all used to go out on the Ministry this day … we stood alone,together, proud of our stand against the “pagan” world . Now there is nothing…

    I realise I am not making much sense… Oh well, I am sure the day will improve, spend time with my wife, later watch a film on tv, play some music. It will soon be gone.

  • smiddy3

    Just my 2 cents worth.:

    The religion has done a great job in indoctrinating you to dwell on the negatives in life.

    What you need to do is hone in on the positives in life ,whatever they may be.

    Do you have friends associates that are not JW`s , if not why not ? They can be good caring people.

    Do you have fellowship with people in a club or association with people in some interest group ,hobby ,gardening , or some other activity you are interested in ?

    Their is really no excuse or little excuse to be alone or feel alone ,maybe YOU just have to take the initiative.

    Take care.

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