Teachings/beliefs that fade into oblivion without explanation.

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  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill


    I think you are on to something there!

    Last year, I took that one up with some JWs at a literature cart. They assured me (then 62 years of age) that I am "not old".

    That lot do appear to have invented "bungee words" out of the terms "old" and "generation."

  • TD


    And then, suddenly, it's gone, and no one even questions it! What?

    What was done away with was allegorical types. (e.g. the organization as the modern day city of refuge, Jesus as the avenger of blood etc.) Most of these were ridiculous even by JW standards.

    JW's still believe in prophetic types, (e.g. time of the end, great tribulation, etc.)

  • Vidiot
    TD - "...-That the entire antediluvian ecology was vegetarian... That originally, a water canopy rendered the entire planet temperate and this was the source of the flood waters... That human lifespans fell drastically after the flood because of some sort of shielding effect provided by this water canopy..."

    That stuff was actually originally cribbed from "worldly" creationists.

    Fred Franz was a fan, I think.

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