Teachings/beliefs that fade into oblivion without explanation.

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  • smiddy3

    "Millions now Living Will Never Die" That teaching persisted for a number of years from the early 1920`s ,sad to say that their would not be anywhere near millions alive today.And with another few years their won`t be anybody alive .

    The year 1925 was supposed to see the resurrection of faithful men of old such as Abraham Issac and Jacob and Noah who were to be Princes in the Earth. Of course no such thing happened and we don`t here anything more about that prediction anymore.

    The time period between Adams creation and Eves Creation was an excuse why Armageddon was delayed in about October 1975 because they didn`t know how much time had elapsed between the two. That`s all forgotten about now.

    Six thousand years of human history was supposed to have ended in about October 1872 according to Studies in The Scriptures Vol.2 1906 , the "Time is At Hand" page 11 (forward 1916 ) puts the start of the One thousand year reign of Jesus Christ as of the year 1873

    So in 1906 they the I.B.S.A. as they were then known figured the 6000 years of human history ended in Oct.1872 and the 1000 year reign of Christ began by 1873.

    Years later an adjustment was made to pinpoint 1975 as the end of 6000 years of human history by the WTB&TS so presumably the 1000 year reign of Jesus Christ would/should have started in 1976 ?

    One might ask did Jesus Christ begin his rule in A.D.33 ? 1914? or 1976 ? or some other time that the JW/GB are going to pull out of their hat ?

    The Jehovah`s Witness Governing Body have never ever apologized for misleading any of their members and many of them to their deaths.

    Your welcome to add other teachings /beliefs that have faded into oblivion without explanation.

  • Ireneus

    Yes, that makes sense. When a worldwide and influential organization makes a change in the teaching, they must explain why they are replacing the old teaching.

  • sir82

    teachings /beliefs that have faded into

    oblivion without explanation.

    Each creative day was exactly 7000 years long.

    Last mentioned in print, I think, in the late 80s.

    Although I got emails from a Gliead student in the mid-2000s who related that it was still an "official" teaching for the Gliead students as late as that.

    But, now, it's never mentioned, never even alluded to. Everything is vague, as in "each creative day stretched for eons of time".

  • Vidiot

    Damn, sir82 beat me to it.

    I gotta say, apart from evolution (and from their POV, I can understand why they can't budge on that one) the 7000-year Creative Days were always a sticking point with me as far back as I can remember.

    It just felt wrong, and as I got older, smacked of numerology. I couldn't accept it, and in fact, lost count of how many other JWs I knew who felt the same way. By the time I'd started to fade, it was right up there with tyrannosaurs and saber-toothed tigers using their fangs to split coconuts.

    Fred Franz may have had some mad writing skills, but jeezus he was an idiot sometimes.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Add to the list:

    Damn near everything in the "Revelation Climax" book.

    Trumpets (Cedar Point Conventions); Bowls poured out; etc etc

    Not sure who was crazier -- Apostle John or Freddie Franz?

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    "It never rained before the flood." That was a real gem.

  • LoyalLeon

    Not sure who was crazier -- Apostle John or Freddie Franz?

    both about the same age when they died..

  • Vidiot
    DesirousOfChange - "...Not sure who was crazier -- Apostle John or Freddie Franz..."


    The permanent inmate of a remote Roman lunatic colony where magic mushrooms would grow prolifically...


    ...a contrarian literalist Herb Tarleck fashionista who spent his twilight years shuffling around muttering to his shoes.

    Tough call.


  • Spiral

    Back in the 60s and 70s there was a lot of numerology going on. Not just that, but all the interpretations of prophecy, types/anti-types, sacred mysteries they'd unlocked, and of course the over-the-top contestant, the book of Revelation.

    From what I understand, all of that has gone away, yes? So does the bOrg believe in any interpretation of the book of Revelation now, or are they just not talking about it.

    And to think we had to study that stuff for hours and hours.

  • EverApostate

    One Circuit Overseer came to visit me when I started to show signs of Apostasy.

    I asked him about Watchtower's Ban of Organ Transplants and Vaccinations and the subsequent ban lift in the past. He was staring blankly and with the looks on his face I came to know he genuinely never knew about it or he should have been a great actor.

    Such Life threatening teachings of WT, had faded into oblivion within a few decades.

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