That was quick!

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  • cofty

    and your point is.......?

  • Rivergang

    There are a few more effective vaccines around besides those for polio and smallpox!

    This is amply demonstrated by the record of the two world wars.

    In earlier times, diseases like typhoid took a heavy toll on the battlefield.

    For example, during the Boer War of 1899-1902, the British Army lost more soldiers to typhoid that died as battle casualties. After that, typhoid innoculations were made compulsory in the army. The result of this was in WWI, typhoid was almost unheard of - despite the insanitary conditions in the trenches (particularly at places like Gallipoli). Furthermore, the US Army had a very similar experience after the Spanish-American War, which likewise saw more deaths to typhoid than to battle casualties.

    Prior to WWII, the British Army introduced mandatory innoculations for tetanus, whereas (rather surprisingly) the German Army did not. This was reflected in the death rates for tetanus between the two armies - practically nil in the British forces, but prevalent in the German Army.

    The list goes on. As other have pointed out, what used to be childhood killer diseases such as diphtheria and whooping cough were practically eradicated by vaccination. Measles was almost eradicated, until the anti-vaccine mob frightened enough parents away from having their children vaccinated.

    I add my signature to the group who cannot quite figure out the anti-vaccination lobby!

  • bsmart

    Boogie; do have a solution for your perceived problem.. Do you want the hospitals to close the ICU or what? Give me a break, don't wear a mask but don't go visit your grandmother.

  • Simonsez

    Me me me, my rights, my viewpoint, my way. I'm tired of people who needas are so focused on their personal comfort that they are willing to compromise everyone else's health. I support your freedom as much as the next guy . I however hate when your right to engage in conspiracy theory, compromises my right to good health.

    anti vaccination proponents, those that repudiate social distancing standards all frost my cornflakes. Remember freedom is not just a right It involves responsibility.

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