Has anyone else collected their money back from local Kingdom Halls for money loaned for construction?

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  • StoneWall
    Just a reminder if you haven't, to get it back before they sell any more halls.
    Even if you're currently DA/DF you can still collect any monies owed you by the Kingdom Hall as far as loans go.
    We were able to get back $1000 that my mom had loaned the local hall for a loan to build new one.
    It was documented by the paper that had been given each publisher back then on how much they could/would be willing to give as an outright donation or a loan. The loan was to be paid back whenever the publisher requested it. (not a specific date)
    I can't help but feel that a lot of the old timers that loaned monies to the society and/or K-Halls have been forgot about by them or their families.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro
    I"m shocked they actually gave it back! Good for her.
  • DesirousOfChange

    My 80-something year old parents loaned 10s of thousands for their new KHall. Elders asked them later if they wouldn't really rather donate it than be repaid. What do you think they said when put on the "hot seat". Now my mother is nearly broke.

    God's agents.


  • eyeuse2badub

    NO! Like a fool, back in my "gung ho", "holier than thou" days, I gave $5k toward building our new KH. Now that I'm retired, I could certainly use that $5k for 'drugs, sex, and rock and roll'. lol

    just saying!


  • OneEyedJoe
    The loan was to be paid back whenever the publisher requested it. (not a specific date)

    That's clever. It appears as though they're being super flexible (certainly more flexible than "worldly" institutions which would agree to a rigid payment plan) and making sure you'll be able to get the money back should you have an urgent need, but in reality it puts the ball in the JW's court for securing payment and forces them to do go through the uncomfortable act of asking for money. And especially for small loans, they're sure to be forgotten.

    How terribly manipulative.

  • Phizzy

    They wrote to a friend of mine and asked if she wanted back about £2,000 (?) her mother had loaned ages ago. Her mother died in 2008.

    My friend is DF'd, but for some reason won't ask for the money back, WTF ?

  • alanv
    Really good thread this. There must be many ex JWs who lent money in the past and for whatever reason never claimed the money back. Now is certainly the time to get it back.
  • dbq407

    take your wishes back :)


  • Simon

    Here's an idea ...

    Often when people die they leave orphaned bank accounts behind which don't belong to the bank. Loans given to the society are just the same (and as already pointed out, is probably why they have no :pay back" date - it benefits them for things to be forgotten).

    It's probably not well know, but ...

    Suppose lots of people learned about it? That there was money potentially sat there just waiting to be claimed. We should spread the word about it!

    "Have any of your elderly relatives passed away after spending any time as a Jehovahs Witness? They may have been convinced to "loan" money to the church which now legally belongs to you. They are obligated under law to return this money if requested. Call 1-800-WTSThievingBastards now to learn more ..."

    I'm sure some news outlet somewhere could report this. Get everyone and their dog writing in to them demanding money - brilliant!

  • NVR2L8
    When I was doing the accounts an old widow wanted to make a donation to the WT. Decades ago her now defunct husband had opened up a bank account she just recently found out about. The few thousand dollars of then had grown to $40k and she felt her new found fortune would serve better the WT since she was doing OK prior finding out about the money. So I went to her house with an elder and he suggested that she should loan the money to the WT just in case she became needy at which time she could get some of it back as needed. In the case she never needed it, the loan would automatically turn into a donation to the WT. That's what she decided to do. It was clear that she didn't want the money to go to her non JW children, so this was the best way for them to never find out about it. I suspect that all these conditional loans are set up to turn into full donations at the death of the loaner.

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