Has anyone else collected their money back from local Kingdom Halls for money loaned for construction?

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  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    I am not sure if my parents ever loaned money to the WT, although I know they donated thousands of dollars to them over the years. Now my parents are both passed away I would think that even if I found out they had loaned the society money, my dub brothers and sisters would probably just say that was OK to keep it.

    I heard of one dub that left all her money to the WT because non of her children were dubs anymore. I discussed it on here before and what I was told was there is nothing her children could do. Whatever she thought she was doing, the only thing that accomplished was none of her children want anything to do with the religion/cult now.

  • slimboyfat
    It was mentioned on the radio the other day that in Scots law it is impossible, or near impossible to completely disinherit children or spouses. They are legally entitled to a third of the moveable of the estate regardless of any will. So I wonder how JWs disinheriting their children plays out in Scotland. Maybe some contest any will that excludes them while others just accept it.
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