Russian Ban upheld - JWs lose appeal

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  • OrphanCrow
    Outlaw: Coincidence: 7 earthquakes 7.4 in Russia today......Fisherman
    The WBT$ God can`t sway a court decision but, he can cause 7 Earth Quakes?

    It's the seventh trumpet sounding. Duh dun

    Sheesh...c'mon, everybody knows that

  • sparrowdown

    Jehovah the mighty smiter strikes again.


    It's the seventh trumpet sounding. Duh dun.....Orphan Crow

    The WBT$ God can`t afford trumpets...


    He Uses Garbage Can Lids.

    He Stole From The Back of a Restaurant.

    Image result for garbage can lid cymbals

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Sad. I am for freedom of religion, whatever one may choose.

    This happened before, then with administration changes liberty came. It's just a matter of time and patience.


  • waton
    Coincidence: 7 earthquakes 7.4 in Russia today Fm:

    7.4 must be on the Richter scale. against the Richter (Judge in german)

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Yeah I'm glad the Russian government is handling this blight on society and kicking the WT (American) corporation's religious delusional propaganda out of their country. They are clearly a bunch of egotistical nut jobs.

    Now if we can only see other governments do the same I'd be happy,, their exploitation of the gullible into servitude needs to be expunged from every country they are so corrupt and demented.

  • smiddy

    JW interpretation of prophecy is that ALL of religion is to be attacked and banned first and the JW`s are to be the last to be persecuted and attacked by the 8th world power .And then the big "A".

    At least thats the way I remember it before I left in 1993 .Have they changed that since then ?

    Jehovahs Witnesses seem to confuse the different interpretations that are given to scriptures and prophecys they believe over the years and mix them up in their own heads and any and everything that happens is in fullfilment of Bible prophecys

  • smiddy

    Then again :

    Maybe one of the Governing Body Members is hiding a sin and Jehovah God is withholding his Holy Spirit ?

  • stillin

    The score:

    Lions 3

    Christians 0

  • waton
    Coincidence: 7 earthquakes 7.4 in Russia today. Fisherman

    bible inspired writing style seems still to be with us today, Russian News had one quake, in the Pacific off Kamchatka Peninsula, on the 17st. now, to make that a biblical seven for vengeance, add 6, unless you count the seven in 17,

    One slip like that can sink your credibility, but then, fishermen are known for their "fish' stories, the big ones that got away. Zeal, wishful thinking, carried you away?

    ps: appeals to European human rights courts coming perhaps, now more quakes ? or quacks?

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