2019 International Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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  • careful

    What a lack of depth, of any sort. Just love and wait...


  • Listener

    I didn't realize Atlanta was so beautiful.

    It's still amusing to see huge screens with the Governing Body being shown on them, up in the sky.

  • sparky1

    Face painting? WTF???!!!

  • nonjwspouse

    Listener, those beautiful scenes off a Mountain, and in the rocks, are in Chattanooga, TN.

  • HiddlesWife

    @nonjwspouse=> the sister in the white floral dress doesn't look happy; probably PIMO and thinking: "How did I get myself into this mess?"

  • jp1692

    The religion I joined in 1984 no longer exists— not that I’d want to be part of it even if it did.

    Lets review: It’s still a cult!

  • ToesUp

    Either on here or another forum, I read someone said it looked like a "carnival." What a perfect way to describe the scenes shown.

    I'm all for having fun but we were raised in a era where it was pounded into us that everything was done "with decency and by arrangement." We were not allowed to play a "worldy" song at our wedding. We were not allowed to dance and sing at the KH or assembly hall. It is so weird to see all this entertainment @ these events. It's kind of like pulling up to a local assembly hall and seeing the blood drive bus/mobile there. WTF? The organization is not the same one we were raised in.

  • waton
    Listener, those beautiful scenes off a Mountain, and in the rocks, are in Chattanooga, TN.

    njs, Yeah, great gliding spot.

    Wt should have offered tandem experiences.

    Have yet to see a wt illustration of paradise with an sailplane in it, a kite maybe?

    levitation reserved only for the anointed?

  • Dagney

    It's funny, the song in the video says "Jehovah provides for us all." But it's really the people that paid to go on that organized tour and the R & F that provides all those goodies.

    I get the huge video screen needed for a large arena, but holy cow does that ever look creepy with Lett is it? Yikes...so so creepy.

  • blondie


    That's me with the sledgehammer

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