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  • cruzanheart
    some delegates have had their cars towed away

    And WHO called the tow truck? Sneaky little attendants . . . .

    Welcome, suzi!!!


  • Elsewhere
    The organization promises them hundredfold of children and grandchildren if they stay faithful to Watchtower doctrine. I wonder if they REALLY feel that the kids running around at the hall replace me and my sister and our children. I really wonder.

    Interesting... and the Islamic fundamentalist offer 72 virgins to anyone who will blow himself up.

    You can tell who they are each targeting…

    Islamic Fundamentalists: Horny young men looking for a place to belong
    Jehovah’s Witnesses: Lonely lost people looking for a place to belong

  • Francois
    Toward Unbelievers: One way we can imitate Jehovah's goodness is by showing sincere concern for those not related to us in the faith. (Gal 6:10) Showing goodness in practical ways can have a positive effect on how they view Jehovah's Witnesses and the message we bear.

    And remember, once you have joined Jehovah's Troupe of Merry Men & Women, there is no honorable way to leave. Ever. And so if your family has joined, and your best friends, we'll arrange it so that they will never be able to speak to you ever again. The "positive effect" we will have on these new (unsuspecting) ones will turn on them like a constricting snake and squeeze the life out of them forever.

    We only tell such ones Half the Truth and Consequences of joining up. The other half we save for when such ones want to leave of their own accord. We must also show "sincere concern" for those wishing not to be related to us in the faith any longer. So we reserve the balance of our truth to extort a continuing "positive effect" upon them when they want to leave.

    Frank Tyrrell

  • Balsam

    This term UNBELIEVER, just what does that word mean to a JW?

    Answer: That is a label a person who is an active JW calls people who are Christians from other religions, or non christian people who have never been a JW.

    Do any of you find that unbeliever word as offensive as I do. What right do JW have to label people who proclaim to be Christian and do their best to live by Jesus principles, most the time better than JW, as an unbeliever. UNBELIEVER IN WHAT????? Unbelieving in the JW form of relgion.

    This is a word that really stuck in the my new husband's mind when he saw it. He saw it in a Watchtower article, and said what does that mean "unbeliever"? I told him what JW's meant by it. He got hopping mad, how dare they decide that he is not a Christian because he isn't one of JW. Well he wrote to the WTS about this word, and how insulting it is. Of course they never wrote back or addressed his anger over implying that he was an unbeliever when he is very much a believer in the bible and the teachings of Christ. That has been almost a year ago. But they still continue to fling that word around.

    How insulting that word is, why isn't it that the old men called the governing body can't see it how insulting it is? And they use that term a lot.


  • undercover
    It has been noted that some delegates have refused to cooperate with the attendants, even speaking to them in an unchristian manner.

    Guilty. The last DC I went to was in a city that I was very familiar with. I had to park in the overflow parking lot. Having lived there at one point, I knew these parking lots very well and I knew all the entrances and exits. After the session, as I was trying to drive out of the lot, two parking attendants(who looked hardly old enough to drive, let alone tell me how to) flagged me down and told me I was going the wrong way. I informed them politely that there was an exit right up ahead. They told me that they were instructed to send everone to the other end of the lot. I let them know that that would put me on the wrong side of the block going in the opposite direction of where I wanted to go. They then said that my exit was blocked and I would'nt be able to exit anyway. I said, "If it's blocked, I'll come back. You wait here and see." Needless to say, I didn't have to turn around.

    Another thought that I had when reading that comment from the WTS is, if they used common sense in the matters of parking and crowd control, etc. then you wouldn't have people refusing to cooperate. Parking at conventions is the most messed up parking I have ever had to deal with. Sports events, fairs, concerts, etc, have all flowed better than any convention that I have been to. The last three conventions that I attended, they closed all the entrances except for one, forcing everyone to line up on the street, causing traffic jams for the locals(that endears JWs to them even more) and funnel in through one entrance. If your not paying for parking, why not open all the entrances and have several ways in? Same for exiting. They only allowed a couple of exits open, causing everyone to fight for position to get out of the lot. Just open all of em and the parking lot will empty in no time. Maybe the city has something to do with it, but I've never had that problem at the same venue for sporting events or concerts.

  • iiz2cool

    If they had genuine, sincere concern for people they wouldn't need a printed article to remind them. It would come naturally, without even thinking about it.


  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    As "whitewashed tombs" they must always put on that little white rabbit facade of neighborly concern and kindness, which is pitched to them in the WT-BATS mags of "toilette paper"....they cannot function without reminders....they are "Steppfords" and cannot go without their "toilette paper" meds and meetings for programming...

    Frannie B (of the "wielding the lite sword" class)

  • stillajwexelder

    Sisteract --- wicked but wonderfull -I love your post

  • LittleToe

    ROFL @ Sisteract

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