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  • avishai
    For example, while waiting at a medical clinic, a young pioneer brother sat next to an elderly woman who seemed sicker than most of the others present.

    Why is it that they always claim to have the corner on basic, common courtesy? This one is a no brainer, as far as I'm concerned. "A young brother gave up his seat to a quadruple amputee, showing Jehovahs love".

    What, did he have a boo-boo? So what? BFD!!!! And yet, these are the same people, a whole congregation, who were to good to help a widow & fatherless children move. Ya know who did help us? The mormons!!!! See, it was a special talk day, & all. Other times my family needed help? It was always the "weak" ones in the cong., or those literally too ill to go out in service, so they were "lower in the cong." Elders or pioneers ever help? MY ASS!!!

  • shamus


    Whatever... I think they have as much love toward neighbour as Saddam Hussein had toward the kurdish. Feels like people outside of the org is good for nothin'.


  • suzi_creamcheez

    Hi, I'm new to the site. I love all the WT literature quotes, they're quite a hoot! These discussion threads are fascinating. I'm glad I found this place. -s

  • rocketman
    Sounds to me like they are concerned about public opinion of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Maybe due to the recent bad press they have been getting.

    Indeed....people generally have such a low opinion of the religion that they are always pushing to make a good impression. On one hand, they avoid "unbelievers" and on the other hand, they want their approval.

  • blondie

    Welcome suzi. Yes, it is quite educational and recreational unlike the meetings.


  • KGB

    it's a scam to sucker people in and as someone said is this because of all the bad publicity ? Yes I think it is definetely.............and as far as the old lady in the doctors office I think that was just a made up story too.........LIARS

  • drwtsn32

    Elsewhere!!! Awesome picture!! LOL

    I used to be an attendant at the district conventions. We too were very guilty of taking seats right at 8am before the rest of the flock. We would already be in the auditorium and just be standing by the primo seat we wanted. Since we didn't actually put our books down until 8am, we weren't technically saving seats.

  • Gopher
    Toward Unbelievers: One way we can imitate Jehovah's goodness is by showing sincere concern for those not related to us in the faith. (Gal 6:10) Showing goodness in practical ways can have a positive effect on how they view Jehovah's Witnesses and the message we bear.

    Elsewhere's reply:

    ... However, if someone decides to leave the organization, you must shun them and have nothing to do with them... even if they are your own family. REMEMBER: Joining the organization is a ONE WAY trip. There is no way to leave without dire consequences.

    Very well said!! The KM misrepresents their true actions towards the particular ones "not related to us in the faith" who once were members. They show us NO goodness.

    My parents act like they're not related to me in ANY way whatsoever. They've given over their consciences and hearts to the bastards at Brooklyn headquarters. I cannot respect them for ignoring my letters which basically only are attempts to open up communication with them. They are choosing to go to their graves bereft of children and grandchildren.

    The organization promises them hundredfold of children and grandchildren if they stay faithful to Watchtower doctrine. I wonder if they REALLY feel that the kids running around at the hall replace me and my sister and our children. I really wonder.

  • lawrence

    Next assembly that comes up will find me reserving many rows, then I can hustle them for money, more and more as the time arrives for kickoff - the money would have gone into the contribution boxes anyhow. Might require a few strong-arms, anyone interested in traveling to different assemblies with me. We can party after we've sold the prime seats until the next day or assembly site...

  • sisteract

    Here's another positive experience I had while pioneering.

    One day as I was out in service and enjoying the fine association of the friends while dining at Dunkin Donuts, I suddenly felt a twitch in my bowel. As I entered the bathroom to relieve myself I heard the distinct cries of a woman in the the stall next to mine. Apparently, she was in quite despair as she had run out of toilet paper. So I took this opportunity as the kingdom ministry mentioned to always be ready to witness, so I reached into my service bag after I too squeezed one out and left a floater and offered her a number of our eye catching tracts. Previously, she had not been receptive to the good news. However, this demonstration of christian love moved her to accept the tracts. So when she was done using them to finnish her duty, a fine bible study was started and she now realizes that Jehovah's Witnesses are not full of shit.


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