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  • KateWild

    Hey everyone,

    For those of you who don't know my story. I had a messy divorce I lost custody of my son in 2011 age 9yrs after four years of court battles to get him back I couldn't do anymore.

    Yesterday my wonderful son had an upsetting day as our contact was cancelled. He sent me a beautiful song as he couldn't sleep due to being upset. It has the lyrics " I keep trying to get on home to you"

    He is 14 and a half now, he will home with me soon.

    Kate xx

  • LisaRose

    That's wonderful news. I know how painful this has been for you, I am glad you will soon be with him.

  • cantleave

    Hey Sam,

    I am so sorry this happened yesterday. He is a great lad, and neither of you deserve the crap you have been through. Remember we are just a phone call or a not so far away drive away if you ever need to vent!

  • KateWild

    Yes Lisa it has been really painful for both of us but our bond is strengthening each day.

    Thanks Angus. I actually phoned just before you went to Poland when the kids were on half term. You were at work.

    Thanks for recognising we have been through crop......but the positive outlook is the more controlling and unreasonable his dad is......the more he hates his dad and wants to come home to me.

    Kate xx

  • cantleave

    Thanks Angus. I actually phoned just before you went to Poland when the kids were on half term. You were at work.

    ...........The lengths I go to to avoid you!!

  • Rebecca 619
    Rebecca 619

    Katewild : beautiful , physically he's not there with you but his heart belongs to you💜

  • GrreatTeacher

    Kate, I just read this and want to tell you I think that is the sweetest thing. Little boys love their mothers in a special way. Mine is now 15, but often enough jumps into bed with me while texting his friends.

    It's the perfect example, to me, of that kid in the middle, not quite an adult, but still appreciates snuggles with mum.

    I hope so badly that he still stays close to me when he's grown. My mom and I are not close, but that's mostly about the cult. I really hope he goes to community college after high school and I can keep him home another 2 years. He's my only child.

    I hope you get your son back soon, and I love how hard you work to keep up a good relationship with him now.

    Hopefully neither of us will ever have to worry about losing our boys to the cult!

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    This thread reminds me of how the 'extreme' doctrines of this cult (Jehovah's Witnesses) breaks-up families.

    May God bless you and your son...KateWild!

  • JWdaughter

    Im confused, don't you have some court mandated contact? What is the reason that he will be home with you soon-if his contact has been ended with you? I missed something, sorry:(

    OTOH, mine is almost 16. I miss him too. Can't wait for summer break visit!!!

  • KateWild

    Thanks Rebecca, Gt, and Jw gone bad for you support and posting.


    Yes over the years there has been different court orders to ensure contact. But these court orders are not enforced and over time my ex wanted to stop contact all together. He did for ten months. But my son was so upset so we got contact back and it was supervised.

    So this week the supervisor phoned in sick for the second time in a row. Even though it's court ordered the courts won't enforce the contact. My son asked his dad if he could see me unsupervised and also asked him if he would come with us to supervise the contact. But his dad refused. I can't call the police and say there is an emergency as the court order is being breached. The police can't enforce the order.

    My son was devastated that he couldn't see me and his dad's reasons were nonsense which upset him even more.

    He is 14 and a half now. He will be 16 in eighteen months. He will be an adult soon and no courts will be able to keep him away from me. That's why we can say he will be home with me soon. Then all this bullshit contact controlled by his father will stop.

    Kate xx

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