If the trolleydolly carts are a failure, what's next?

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    If trolly carts crash and burn as it probable would......

    They'll come up with some other gimmick and sell it to the masses privately chanting to themselves 'there's one born every minute'

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I thought the same thing too.

    How could they fail???

    I mean the ''precious hours'' the pioneers can count by just doing nothing. On top of the pioneer stroll, coffees and driving around.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    How about a complete change of direction, something like this:



    If the trolleydolly carts are a failure, what's next?

    ..........Dancing Beside Your WBT$ Literature Cart..

    ......................To WBT$ Kingdom Songs..

    ...Image result for Watchtower Literature cartshttps://i0.wp.com/www.netanimations.net/Moving-animated-picture-of-dancing-fools.gifImage result for Watchtower Literature carts

  • sparrowdown

    The whole introduction of cart witnessing is just a distraction to what they are really doing - that is herding everyone to JWTV. The whole meeting will be eventually conducted via a TV screen anyway. The carts complete with corny cart song just diverted attention for little bit.

    All my own conjecture of course, but that's what I think of the carts, simply because of how useless they are. All the fanfare and drumroll for .... wait for it.......dadahhh.....carts! You gotta be kidding me!

  • freddo
    And when it all translates into fewer and fewer baptisms from more and more hours their heads will spin with gyroscopic cognitive dissonance!
  • sparrowdown

    The "publishers" won't question anything that means they don't have to go d2d anymore.

    P.s.good point freddo.

  • Vidiot

    @ sparrowdown...


    The trollies are no more "successful" in the ministry than door-to-door work.

    But they don't need to be.


    What they do is provide incentive to be a loyal and dutiful JW...

    1) ...because only higher-ranking Witnesses are permitted to use them (giving the R&F incentive to advance, and thusly be more emotionally invested in staying)...

    2) ...whilst simultaneously being much, much easier to work than slogging it out old-school, street after street.


    I'm quite sure the Org also also wants to mitigate the "pedophiles-are-knocking-on-your-doors-trying-to-recruit-your-kids" thing, too.

  • tiki
    If I were still in I'd view them as a total embarrassment. They are moronic and cities should outlaw them.
  • Hecce

    To the WT it may no difference whether they are successful or not, they got good money out of the sales to the poor dubs.

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