CNN doc 'Holy Hell'

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  • Dagney

    OMGoodness...I watched this on Netflix last night.

    Sort of interesting to watch these shows about cults...coming from where we have been.


    I see the draw of "paradise," as a natural desire of most people. Which, in talking with an exJW from this board a few years ago after lamenting "why don't they leeeeeave!!!", the carrot of the paradise with a pet tiger is a very strong carrot...even though it is impossible to achieve, the dream of it is hard to let go.

    Even when this crazy guy was shown to be a lying charlatan, people still stayed because of the community and the feeling they got of a brotherhood. Another comment, which conclusion I came to myself, is co-dependency is a large factor in many individuals that remain in cults.

    Anyway, interesting video...

  • flipper

    Good thread. My wife and I watched this on CNN Saturday night and it was really creepy. There are so many psychological similarities between cults like this one and the JW cult it's not funny. The thing that pissed me off was how this down and out actor used manipulation and mind control to hoodwink and become a legend in his own mind as well as his cult members. And it really irritated me that the guy is still walking around scot free duping more unsuspecting people in Hawaii . Really ridiculous. Governments and authorities need to take a harder stand and arrest these assholes before they take everyone's money that succumbs to the mind control scams.

    I felt sad as well for the people who wasted many good years of their lives slaving for this guy- yet happy for them that they finally got their freedom after waking up from their mind controlled stupor. They were able to go on living successful lives afterwards

  • Dagney

    Mr. Flipper, did you see how many stayed! I guess life in the real world is too much for them. They would rather go to the beach every day and play. Hey wait! I would too!!

    Man that guy is so creepy. He got a good scam going.

  • Mary

    I watched it. While there were some obvious differences, there were also quite a few similarities with the cult we escaped from. The isolation, the exclusivity, the shunning of family who are not members and the fact that you were not allowed to question any of the leaders whacko doctrines, sounded all too familiar.....

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