CNN doc 'Holy Hell'

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  • Worldling9

    I just saw the documentary 'Holy Hell' on CNN, about a cult called Buddhafield. It was a small group but has existed since the 80s and still has a few followers. Classic cult stuff, much of which I found eerily familiar. It will be on again Sept 3. Has anyone else seen it?

  • ToesUp

    We did watch it , there was some similarities. Very good documentary. It was sad to see, at the end of the video, how this man had abused his power and deeply affected these peoples lives.

  • nonjwspouse

    Thanks for the heads up, Worldling! I'll catch the next airing

  • Simon

    I watched it too.

    It's incredible how some people chose to ignore the screaming voices of reason in their head telling them things are not right and to go along with such abusive madness.

    These cults are much further along the scale than the WTS is but you can see the same patterns of denial and manipulation being played out.

  • HotCocoa

    Do any of these other cults have 8,000,000 members?

  • Simon
    Do any of these other cults have 8,000,000 members?

    No, does the WTS have 1.5bn members?

    All religions are on a continuum from the very large Catholic / Muslim through the medium WTS / Mormon and down to the Jonestown / Heavens Gate small groups.

    They are all cults, just some are more mild and mainstream than others.


    Saw parts of it..

    It Reminded Me Of a Cult..


    Image result for Watchtower building brooklyn

  • Worldling9

    It started out with a group of people who were sincere seekers, as were the dubs. Ego got in the way and abuses ensued, as they did with the dubs. People started to notice how different things had become and started to speak up, and the leader claimed persecution and told the followers not to read that stuff...people started leaving...the group got this a classic cult arc? That guy only has power over the few who allow it now, the few who know and choose it anyway. Does any of this sound familiar? For me, the differences from jws were that this cult was smaller, didn't claim to be bible based, and it followed a single man rather than a corporation. Otherwise I found it very similar.

    Makes me wonder how many will be left after the internet has its way with jw,org.

  • Dagney

    Is it me or does this guy look like the Esteban guy that used to post on here!

  • Quarterback

    I think some of the GB wear Spedo's, and Losch does Ballet. He definitely is famous at performing the Nut Cracker. Tony does that Vulcan mind meld. They are similar

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