How many faithful old JW`s are now living in Christendoms retirement homes not being cared for by the religion they gave their life for.

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  • punkofnice

    There are Brothers(tm) that they won't use as minny men or oversneers, but they're quite happy for these ones to go to the old people's homes, visit, do chauffeuring, odd jobs and read to the unwanted 'oldsters(tm)', from the corporation's manure filled bible and ragazines.

    It seems they send the unwanted to the unwanted.

    I wonder which of them are the most heavily medicated.

  • Betheliesalot

    I know a JW lady in her 80,s with dementia that I observe when I visit my mom, who now enjoys participating in singing Methodist,s hymns ( most seniors enjoy this). Last visit I went to youtube and played a popular JW cult song and played it near her, then showed it to her and she showed no signs of recognition. Just shows there is hope for those still in ( if you get dementia).

  • ToesUp

    The ones who receive attention are the elderly that have money. Watchtower wants to make sure everything is willed to them.

  • LongHairGal


    I am sorry about the story you tell about your great aunt and her valuables that supposedly disappeared while she was in a home. But, the problem is you have no way of knowing if she actually gave them away to somebody!

    I know it's upsetting but there's nothing you can do about small items that are gone. If it's real property or a bank account that your name is on then you can prove it's yours and can do something about it. Otherwise, the family is out of luck.

    I know families can be vultures but I'd rather see them get Grandma's jewelry or silverware than somebody in a facility or a health aide that comes into your home. When my Grandmother needed home assistance our family made sure there were no valuables worth stealing.

  • smiddy3

    I thought I would bump this because of another thread about Bethelites for the benefit of newbies .

  • joe134cd

    Got a great aunt who lived and breathed the religion. Sitting in a rest home forgotten about. Her son is in bethel. I think his time and effort would be better spent looking after his mother. Mind you he dose have a degree and dose important I.T work for WT. I think wt got a bloody cheek

  • zeb

    "weird/misfits" pe could you give a few details?

    aged care is notorious for the types that populate its staff. There is a huge inquiry going on in Australia about the Aged care at present.

  • Tameria2001

    My in-laws (hubby's parents) bought their home in 1992, it was already an older home. They did nothing as far setting up something for a home warranty, or save for any future repair cost. In 2002, her father died and did leave her some inheritance, but they didn't set any of that money aside for this. They were absolutely sure that their new system would be here before now. As it is, their well has dried up, and their roof needs to be replaced, and they are totally broke. I might be a bad person for saying this, but I don't feel sorry for them.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    According to Raymond Franz in Crisis of Conscience, Nathan Knorr even volunteered that the JWs do not look after their rank and file members.

  • stillin

    I still find time to stop and visit some of these forgotten ones. They were good people when I was "in." Sometimes I get preached to, which I allow without any arguments. They can't help it. I hope they realize, inside, that there are good people to be found who don't go out in service or go to meetings.

    Kindness rocks.

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