Sunday's W.T angered me + I found an ironic scripture

by Isambard Crater 20 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • LongHairGal


    No, I don't think that those that are old are ever going to learn. When they are gone though, I don't think as many of the young people are going to follow in their footsteps.

    I'm glad I'm not in the congregations now with all those needy older ones who never planned for retirement and old age. Many never even wanted to be in the workforce. The religion held out promises, special titles, being invited to special gatherings (the ones I wasn't "spiritual enough" or "theocratic enough" to be invited to). Yeah, well, let their "spiritual" friends give them money...Good luck.

  • purrpurr

    Spiral, and yet in the convention drama remember the wife of lot the wife is portrayed as stupidly worrying abouthow they will survive without pension or savings when they retire? And also the same concern for her daughter's, this is no coincidence I'm sure many jws have the same concerns and the most recent drama condemns them for it

  • Spiral

    LongHairGal, it is just breaking my heart to see this. I also was never "special" enough for anything, ever! lol! No regrets there!

    purrpurr, I know, that drama is just ridiculous. I think it's unconscionable how they keep pushing that idea. My mom laps it up, but wait..... she has all that money from worldly family. She doesn't have to worry.

  • jp1692

    IC: "If you enjoy your job, you're an enemy of Jehovah"

    I love my job. Jehovah must really, really hate me.

    Dumbest thing ever.

  • steve2

    Correction, people, according to one of the childrens' videos on, Jehovah does not hate me. No, he doesn't. It's just that the selfish and mean things I do make Him very unhappy. I ought to feel ashamed of myself.

  • Phoebe

    If the GB drove around in old cars, lived frugally in small rooms (my friend seems to think they live in tiny cell like rooms!) and didn't fly around the world first class, I might have a bit of respect for them and the stuff they sanction for the WT this study.

    I was told get out of school as fast as possible and pioneer, Armageddon is around the corner. 50 years later I am still having to work. No retirement plan.

    As my son said: 'working is a sin in the JW religion' I got a lot of hassle for encouraging my kids to get educated but one is a lawyer, another has a good job in London and the other runs his own business. I did not want them to end up like me.

  • Spiral

    @Phoebe: Good for you! And you did right by your kids!

    Apparently, the GB thinks that our generation can also support our elderly parents on low wage jobs. And, when our generation (note correct use of that term) gets old, the next generation of JWs who also have low wage jobs can support us.

    I can understand how the elderly ones don't leave the bOrg, it's all they know. But why anyone younger would stay in and labor under that burden, I just don't get it.

  • ToesUp

    "Working is a sin in the JW religion."

    My spouse and I are noticing that our still in relatives are all looking for others to "foot their bills." Instead of working more or getting extra jobs, they are looking for hand outs to survive. Is this a pattern or is it just our family?

    I was always taught, if you work, you eat.

  • Spiral

    @ToesUp, not just your family. I've seen a definite pattern going on, in our family and also where I'm located. So few have money, and they seem to think it's okay to lean in on family to help them out. This strange idea that you can "live simply" with a low paying job is having some long term consequences, and not just the obvious ones. It's creating a really weird unbalanced view of money and paying your own way amongst the JWs.

  • sparrowdown

    Ha! I don't even know how they could call it preaching these days, they play some crap video with creepy voice-over and hypnotic music off a device and call that "preaching"!

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