Manmade rules

by Jrjw 33 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Phoebe


    that was my assembly hall. It's beautiful

  • Jrjw

    Discreet holding of hands was ok in my hall but not putting your arms around each other

  • freddo
  • tor1500


    Anytime man tells you what God wants, it's usually what they want..

    We are here on earth to love & take care of each other, but that's too simple...a bunch of rules that humans think God wants, we'll do that...Know scriptures, don't associate with people who aren't you & so on....

    God said, Love him & Love your neighbor...what a simple message but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO....don't take blood but if you do take this part. Jesus is God, no he isn't...he is God's was a stake no a cross...Jesus was born on Xmas, no he wasn't...stay with your mate even if they are abusing you....obey the 10 commandments...NO, they are outdated...

    Too many manmade rules that's why (if the story is true) God sent his son so we don't have to do all this things to please God...

    Humans just don't know how to keep things they have made religion a challenge when it's not supposed to's supposed to promote peace...


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