Posters You Miss

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog


    Perry (who said he's been barred from staring topics for years, not sure if that's true)

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Minimus, you scared me! I thought something had happened to Blondie - I'm glad that she's OK but just cutting back.

    I remember so many from back when I first came aboard here - get the pun?

    Yes, I have wondered about Mulan, and I wish it was possible to hear from VeniceIT, BBoyNeko, and so many others. I sincerely hope they are happy and doing well.

    I miss those from whom we will never hear again: Mouthy, Farkel, and others.

    Most of all, I miss myself. Memory is starting to go... who was I?

  • cofty




    Outlaw left after a poster repeatedly trolled him in a most egregious manner


  • minimus

    I’m glad Hillary step was mentioned. He was so good, so smart and clever. He’d insult you while you were thinking he was complementing you. LOL

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse


    Drew Sagan

    Octarine Prince

    Yadda yadda






  • Dagney

    It was a sentimental walk down memory lane reading the names mentioned in this thread.

    Hillary_Step - wow. He was one of the most interesting posters. His discussions blew my mind, which was sorely needed. I just searched him right now and will take the time later to read some of the discussions again.

    Narkissos, Leo, many.

    Crumpet, coffee black, Mary, tkjmo are alive on Facebook.

    Thank you again Simon for this place to heal, argue...grow.

  • steve2

    Dogpatch still posts.

  • steve2

    JCanon, not only gone, but his threads gone too, sadly, in an act of archival vandalism.

    Strong words. As this is not a publically run forum, but a privately owned and run forum, archiving or removing threads can hardly be referred to as "archival vandalism".

    Surely the owner has a right to make decisions about what remains and what doesn't.

  • Dagney

    Actually I miss JCanon too. I totally understand the need to put a lid on him. But he was really smart and about the most colorful character ever. Wonder what happened to him.

  • Simon
    Strong words

    I agree, and a little over the top. Some people push things too far and if you let them, the forum would be a wall to wall spam fest of craziness. I've also found that the more of the "let's use every font and color known to man" preachers that you allow (why is there a correlation?) then the more it attracts.

    It comes down to whether we want to have sensible discussion or just become a dysfunctional mess that would ultimately do little for anyone - it would die beneath a sea of crap and they would then move on when they'd driven everyone else away.

    People have more than enough chance to share their opinions but we're not here to be preached to if that is all people are interested in doing and we're not here to host their spammy crap. Especially if people have been caught using multiple accounts to do it, it's likely to get removed so as not to encourage more.

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