Never Thought I'd Say This, But I've Found Something to Look Forward to in the Meetings

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  • Awakenednow

    Actually I live in a gated community with a gate totally around my house' news flash! It works...the thieves move on to an easier target. But just in case, I do have my gun 😉

    Exactly Steve, why bother locking anything, heck don't bother with passwords etc., jah has this!


  • freddo

    You have a local needs item every week? Wow.

    Someone on the BoE has too much time on their hands.

  • slimboyfat

    Never forget the local needs we had on using theocratic resources wisely, including not using too much toilet paper.

  • smiddy

    Sorry ,your "looking on the bright side of life " good for you.

    Humour is the best medicine in such situations.

  • JWdaughter

    The KH by my old house had gates that they closed during the meetings. They were safe from latecomers, anyway.

  • Bruisedandbleeding12

    The thing I always look forward to was the final prayer......

  • sir82

    Sounds like there are lots of self-righteous toads on your BOE. With inferiority complexes.

    Using a meeting part to denigrate fellow JWS who choose to live in a gated community? That's beyond petty.

  • blondie

    Too many empty rows in the front:

    Congregation solution elders: remove the same number of rows in the back, no longer possible for number of average number of attenders to leave a row empty....

    Congregation member solution: Go get chairs from storage and make a new row in the back....


  • WTWizard

    More banning Satan's solutions and putting one's trust in joke-hova. True, that thing will solve crime--by enslaving us all into damnation. And so what about modesty? What is so wrong with a big hat? True, one good gust of wind will show them, but why not treat it as a natural consequence instead of hounding them? And, what about those expensive umbrellas (such as the Blunt umbrella) that are safer (have fun poking out someone's eye with those blunt tips instead of sharp points at the rib ends) and do not blow inside out short of a hurricane?

    Health and weight loss--a joke. If someone decides that everyone is to eat at McDonalds every day while in field circus, and someone decides Wendy's is better, that someone will be hounded. Never mind that Wendy's burgers are a bit less harmful to your health than McDonald's. Not great, but not as bad. For sure, if someone can't even eat at a not-as-bad place in peace, they are not going to be allowed to do anything meaningful--such as getting a fluoride water filter, taking magnesium and boron supplements, and drinking real orange juice or non-fluoridated water instead of Coke sometimes.

    And, if someone does something like that and gets real benefits, they are not to show off? That means that too many people, in other congregations, are suffering needlessly because they keep going to McDonald's instead of Wendy's, or because they don't know enough to take boron or to cut back on Cokes (and Pepsis as well) because anyone trying to spread that word is hounded and made to be "less reputable". Is this any way to show that you want people to be healthy, joke-hova? Or, is it showing us that you want everyone to be as sick and miserable as possible?

  • Sorry

    I've been busy so I'm just now seeing everyone's responses.

    In general, a ton of people at my hall (my parents included), constantly talk smack about gated communities (I can think of at least a few by our KH). I think this is for several reasons: 1) they are not allowed to go preaching there and it pisses them off 2) the elders hate them because it cuts off access from quite a few faders in our congregation (One community in particular has a list of visitors from residents. Your name is not on it or you don't get approval by the resident you wish to see, you're not allowed access) and 3) they tend to be very nice and expensive. Uber dubs see it as a "showy display of ones means of life". Regular dubs are mad they don't have it like that.

    I'm glad some of you got a good laugh from it like I did. And our cong has a lot of local needs because we have one particular elder whose extremely power hungry and has control issues. Since his daughter has been DF'd and pays him dust, he can no longer control her and he's taking it on everyone else. I think he may have blackmail on the other elders cause they just cower to this man lol.

    About the front row seat thing, I've only seen it mentioned on ex-jw boards. Hmmm... 🤔

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