Random and unsafe conditions

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  • ironsnake656

    One of the things that helped me in my awakening and fading process from JWland was something that I call "random failures". Let me explain it. It happened like 4 years ago. I was preparing the information for the TMS and I noticed something in the May/June calendar illustration hanged in the wall of my bedroom. The illustration depicted people building houses. The problem is that they are wearing safety helmets Where do they get the helmets? Do they built manufacturing facilities to produce safety helmets and construction tools (hammers, nails, electric saws to cut wood, etc??

    Even worse, the purpose of wearing safety helmets is to protect your body against any accident. The accidents occur due to fact of unsafe conditions presented in the environment. Some of such unsafe conditions are presented by random failures. Random failures are defined as "physical failures brought on by excessive stress on the device. Random failures can occur at any time during the device life and are generally well understood by the time a device achieves user-approved status. The occurrence of these failures does not follow a pattern, but instead occur randomly in time. Stress factors are the result of a variety of causes, such as abnormal process conditions, the presence of an adverse microenvironment (e.g., corrosion produced by chemical impurities or metallurgy), or normal device wear and tear. Low frequency atmospheric events (e.g. snow in Houston, Texas, USA) can also be considered random events" (Process Safety Progress, 2006).

    So, in the Paradise, will exist or happen accidents caused by random failures? Will Jehovah control EVERY, I mean EVERY random event to not harm any Armageddon survivor (even the event to avoid corrosion produced by natural chemical reactions to not get a rusty nail/hammer and cause a fatal accident)? Will he control the pressure and force exerted in a piece of wood by a person who is working in the roof?

    What do you think???

  • redpilltwice

    Well, I think in hypothetical jw paradise there will be...

    Perfect tools/equipment which will last longer but also will be replaced in time

    Perfect skills

    Perfect safety measures

    Perfect anticipation to stress factors

    Furthermore, for the 0,000001% that might slip through, Jesus and the 144,000 will surely keep an eye on the tools of the earthly class with perfect x-ray vision.

    In the ultra ultra ultra rare case a drop of blood might be spilled anyway, people will have a perfect regeneration and immune system and as an added bonus there will absolutely be fantastic super herbs and last but not least, supernatural divine healers.

    I think Jah will finally have some more time for himself after 6,000 y of rebellion and stress factors...

  • Diogenesister

    This is a really good observation, and wow I'd never remarked on the hard hats but now I picture it, it's absurd!

    I was taught that perfect people won't , foe example, slip and fall from a roof. But of course that's only considering human error....There are many factors that can go into an accident as you say. What about chemical reactions? Will god change physics itself so rust isn't a thing? Metallurgy?!! I know it's answering a question with a question, but it's by way of agreeing with the absurdity of the paradise proposition!

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    I used to think in the same way. Safety helmets involve plastics, oil-based products with large polluting plant relying on oil wells etc. The same goes for the tractors, power tools etc being used. Electricity generation, fossil fuel utilization, steel making plants, engineering facilities the list is endless.

    Just think of paint, cleaning agents, floor coverings, in fact, everything required for a decent standard of living. The eutopia starts to fray as soon as you use logic.

  • scratchme1010
    What do you think???

    I think that what you explained is only one of many ways in which that idea of paradise doesn't make sense. That entire concept of people living according to what they preach is just nonsense from any perspective that you look at it.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    You forgot something critical: human imperfection. JWs teach that perfection is only fully restored at the end of the thousand years. So people will be brought back from the dead in their imperfect state with their disabilities and weaknesses and they will be restored to perfection gradually as they continue to obey the new laws revealed in the new scrolls. But the physical building and restoring work will begin immediately after armageddon even while people are still imperfect so until the end of the thousand years there would still be the risk of accidents due to human imperfection that has not yet been eradicated completely. Thus safety equipment would still be needed.

    I think the bigger problem is the teaching that human imperfection will be restored gradually after armageddon. This teaching paints Jehovah as an unfair god. The anointed, who proved faithful while enduring the same temptations and trials as those of the "other sheep", get their perfection restored immediately upon their resurrection to heaven, without having to endure a further probationary period to prove their faithfulness while in heaven. But the "other sheep" have to endure a long period of proving their faithfulness all over again in order to be restored gradually. This system is clearly not just. Why wouldn't the other sheep also be restored instantly upon resurrection? It makes no sense. Jehovah of the Jehovah's Witnesses is an unjust, irrational, pharisaic god.

  • stillin

    Who will make the condoms? Perhaps one of the condom factories will be spared in Armageddon and the various districts or circuits will serve in a rotating manner to produce condoms for all.

    But there's still that "random accident..."

  • stuckinarut2

    You are all using "independent and speculative thinking"!

    Simply trust in Jehovah, and he will answer all things in due time...

    You simply have to ensure that you are faithful enough to even get into the new world. That is the real issue...

    (that was the "official" witness response by the way...not my response)😉🙄

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    I am so relieved to be freed from all this nonsensical surmising about life in paradise earth.

    By nature, I am imaginative and prone toward the fantastical (my obsession with SF literature and movies, I guess). Now, I am such a down-to-earth realist that I wonder what happened to the "old" me.

    Not complainin'!

  • steve2

    In Paradise, brain injuries will be an ever present risk. And you thought we'd be over that by then.

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