Random and unsafe conditions

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  • smiddy3

    Very good points made by all so far

    .Obviously not everything is all rosy even after the thousand year reign of Christ Jesus.

    Is anybody taking notice of Rev.:20 :7-10 ? Take this scripture into consideration just how could the thousand years of JC`s rule be called a period of paradise.? When it is obviously their are going to oppose the numbers which are as the sand of the sea.which will result in a war ? to end those humans who rebel in that thousand year reign and finally end Satans involvement in earths affairs ..... finally.

    {Why he couldn`t / wouldn`t do it in the garden of Eden and saved us all thousands of years of human suffering is beyond me.

    According to JW`s it was to prove a point ,big deal ,and millions if not billions of human beings died many with horrific deaths .

    Thank you Jehovah { NOT}.

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