Pilot program for in-person meetings for the vaccinated

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  • waton
    3) No unvacinated JW children allowed to attend

    jwgb: our kids, no kids are vaccinated yet, so, they, not yet vaccinated, can go to school, but not the "ministry school" aka weekly sales training?

    at least they will be protected from the pedohhiles at the hall.

    noticed your jwgb abbreviation, "gone bad" could also spell out governing body. gbgb.

  • solomon

    The letter states that vaccinated publishers that don’t feel comfortable attending can stay on zoom meetings.

    Children not allowed as they aren’t allowed vaccines yet.

    Must wear a mask at all times.

    Must supply information for contact tracing at each meeting(info to be held for one month)

    Temperature checks and covid questions asked at each meeting.

    Letter also mention$ to empty the contribution boxe$ after each meeting. That is very important.

  • carla

    Won't this further divide cong's? meaning it will show those who are 'weak' and did not listen to the gb about getting the jab in the first place? will it place a stigma on the unvaxxed and their families?

  • WTWizard

    I hope it it is a complete fiasco. Just because you got your torture shots, doesn't mean you can't get--and spread--coronavirus and die from it. And how are they going to enforce it? Suppose I get dragged back, after lying about getting vaccinated (I did, after all, get the Amazon "shot" back in May 2020 and feel that's better than a real shot or two). And then suppose I get what appears to be a little tiny cold, that is no worse than a simple bee sting or small patch of poison ivy. From there, those who are fully vaccinated get it, and the torture shot makes it even worse. What are they going to do about that--especially, since had they got the Amazon "shot" instead of the real thing, they would have experienced bee sting-sized problems instead of dying or ending up in the hospital.

    Not to mention, I hope people simply don't show up at all. Hopefully, those halls will simply sit there, wasting energy and running up big light bills that no one is going to pay. I, for one, am not looking forward to having the halls up and running locally, and having someone thinking they will get extra points with joke-hova by forcing me to walmart to get my torture shots and junk paraphenalia for field circus, giving me several bibles (including one in hebrew), expecting me to comply including throwing away anything they don't like, and dragging me back to boasting sessions and field circus once I become "fully and properly vaccinated".

  • davisitocarrion
  • FedUpJW

    will it place a stigma on the unvaxxed and their families?

    Yes, it will. When one remembers that anytime the gb say, "Each one will have to make their own decision," it really means, "Each one had better do what we say." Every time they have said a word about the COVID jab it is prefaced with, "We show our love for our fellow man, and our respect for life," by getting the COVID shot like all the bethal sheeple have. Bunch of puffed up, self-important men.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    A couple of weeks ago my JW sister in law made a remark about the advantage of Zoom meetings. " You tune in...you watch a few videos and you're done ! " As she said "done" she brushed her hands together as if dusting them off and flung them outward as one would do when completing a unpleasant but necessary task.

    A lot of JW's go to meetings not because they can't wait to hear something new and interesting. They often go out of obligation, habit or peer pressure and because they mostly want to see their friends. It seems to me that little by little it's getting easier and easier for them to envision their lives without the JW's. It would be disheartening to make the effort to go to the Hall and see it half empty and find that none of the people you actually like are there. On top of that, to have your temperature taken and sit there for 2 hours with a mask on, this includes the already fidgety kids who would rather be elsewhere. What about commenting? You'd have to mumble through a mask. To remove it would expose the microphone holder and those around you to "droplets" and defeat the whole purpose of wearing the mask.

  • pistolpete
    Pete Zahut

    It seems to me that little by little it's getting easier and easier for them to envision their lives without the JW's.

    This is what's happening right before our eyes and we have to understand the implications of what this means.

    The Watchtower religion is like an animal that has been shot but is still alive whimpering, and gasping its last breaths. It's getting up but falling down again as it tries to shake off the fatal bullet blow,----- but it can't.
  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    So basically faders can now simply say: I’m not vaccinated or I have small children and the GB gives them an easy out. Then slowly start saying you’re attending another Zoom meeting that better fits your new work schedule.

  • hoser

    By enforcing contact tracing and masking on the fully vaccinated they are admitting there is still risk of contracting covid when vaxxed.

    Not everyone is ok with putting their name and number on a sheet of paper as not everyone can afford 2 to 4 weeks off work in an isolation or quarantine situation.

    The first super spreader event from a Kingdom Hall will shut this program down.

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