My False Accusation Story

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  • Iamallcool

    Some years ago, I was dating a JW girl for a short time. I was MS back then and she was a regular pioneer. After we broke up, little more than few months later she dated a guy from the Navy and she got pregnant. She got df'd then got reinstated about a year later. She married another brother, he is an elder now. Someone wrote anonymous letter to her calling her all kinds of names including slut, etc...Her sister in law emailed me about it and she thinks I wrote the anonymous letter, she did call my PO about it. Honestly, I did not write that letter. 2 elders talked to me about it and I said that I did not write that letter. The elders will not even ask me to do the prayer, etc....They think I did it, but I didn't. I would be willing to take the lie detector test and give them the results of the polygraph. It will cost me $500 for a polygraph, then I said forget it. That's my story.

  • Crazyguy

    Typical , elders seem to fall for the person telling the story and believing it. It's always seem to be a big deal to then get to the bottom of the real story and the elders are dragging everybody through the mud to do so except the person that originally told the lie.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I hope you put this behind you by now. I don't care if some elders believe me or not. I know you want the girl and people involved to believe you, but even the polygraph might not change that.

    I have to imagine it's someone who was sure you would get the blame who wrote the letter. That would make more sense than many other possibilities. Could be the Navy guy or someone who has you on their hate list. Or it could be another lady, jealous and would've like to marry an elder, who can't believe she gets to live such a past and still be married to an elder, happily ever after.

  • hoser

    If the elders keep harassing you mention that a matter like this might be criminal in nature and that you will notify the police. Guaranteed the elders will back down.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    ...and you feel bad that the privilege of prayer has been taken from you? lol

  • DesirousOfChange

    This sounds like the perfect opportunity to be "stumbled" and quit it all.

    Good luck!


  • pale.emperor

    Who suggested a polygraph test? They've been proven as bullshit and no more reliable than tarot cards or horoscopes.

    If you want to leave, now is the ideal opportunity. But then everyone will think you did write it and left for that reason.

  • ToesUp

    Love....JW style! It is sad and unfair that they even questioned you without 100% proof. It is typical. I have just three words for you...RUN LIKE HELL!

  • punkofnice

    Lama - I guess there is some reason you are stuck in the corporation slaveholdery. However, do the opinions of these simpletons mean anything to you? I would challenge them to call the police and get forensic tests if they're that bothered.

    I imagine it's convenient for them to blame you because they probably don't like you. Scapegoat for the cult.

    I actually agree with soon as you can, get the heck out of that cult.

  • Ixonegal

    HI, I'm new here. I noticed your other posts earlier saying you're Deaf. I'm Deaf as well.

    Am I understanding that you are still an active JW?

    The elders can do whatever they want. I know in my experience, they don't really do much unless a congregation is lucky enough to have a kind elder who will listen. They are bound by the WTS and their policies.

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