Theme of this year's series of Conventions

by MrTheocratic 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • sir82

    That is, without question, the silliest theme they've ever had.

    Runners-up for the theme:

    "Chins up, buckaroos"

    "Hey, come on guys, stick around....please?"

    "If you just preach a little longer, we'll buy you an ice cream cone later...promise!!!"

  • pale.emperor

    Lets be honest now, how many young non-born in members are there? Very few. Even 33% of the born in's leave eventually.

    Once the 1970s/80s generation die off or leave then who's there? I really hope i see the downfall with my lifetime and im only 32.

    I hope there's a follow on to the BUNKER VIDEO - Kevin and his mates are still alive and well and decide to check up on the witnesses in their bunker:

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