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  • MrTheocratic

    It was announced this week that the Theme for the 3 day convention is "Do Not Give Up".

    These are the words that are spoken to someone who is struggling and is in the process of giving up. This theme tells me that many in the organization are tiring out and slowing down. I certainly see it locally....but this theme tells me it's not just local.

    If the world was Sooo bad and the organization was sooooo good why the exorortation not to give up? Would Noah have to tell his fellow shipmates to not give up as they listen to the commotion outside the Ark? Evidently things are getting tough within the org and some are leaving.

  • prologos

    wt is asking a lot of it's long time supporters, overlapping to 2075 and beyond. WTBtS leaders have given a d----. and they want us not to give up? I guess it's ok, as long as we give, they prefer that giving is up, rather than down . what is the theme in other languages? logoi mean a lot.

  • Finkelstein

    "Do Not Give Up" Jah's chosen ones don't bullshit.

  • scratchme1010

    It was announced this week that the Theme for the 3 day convention is "Do Not Give Up".

    As I said in the previous post about it, 1992 called. They want their theme back.

  • steve2

    "Do Not Give Up the Bullshit - or We'll Make You Pay Big Time. That's One Promise We WILL Keep. You've Been Warned."


    2017 Symposium: Do not give up!

    1) Obeying those taking the lead!

    2) Shunning those who leave Jehovah!

    3) Resisting Satanic propaganda!

    4) Honoring Jehovah with your valuable things!

    5) Did we mention donations?!?

    6) Meanwhile, in Australia....


  • Crazyguy

    The good news with the themes of the last couple of years it must be a clue that many are leaving. I was thinking about Herd and his announcement talk a few years ago about cutting back and stopping the building work. You could tell by the look on his face something was up that he had just learned. Maybe someone actually took a accurate count of active adult jws and realized that there may not be many left.

    I hope this is true, the other actions the Borg is taken like closing halls , selling off all thier buildings in New York and London and constantly begging for money I hope are signs thier in a serious down turn.


    Lol! Herd could barely get the words out when he read that letter....


  • WTWizard

    Do not give up. That way, you can waste your whole life on a scam, not even daring to check out if you are even on the right path. And, when it doesn't work or even makes your life even worse, you will continue anyway right into your own damnation.

    Eventually, people are going to be in way too much debt within this religion. They are supposed to cut way back on their work, if not quit altogether, so they can do more field circus. And when things happen and need to be fixed or replaced, there is no money for it. So what? On top of that, there is field circus money. Suit dry cleanings, donations to the Worldwide Damnation Fund, and Israel missions waste so much money from those who now cannot afford it because they cut back on, or quit, their work. I don't see how this is even sustainable--yet, no matter how much hardship this creates now and damage to their souls that is etched on forever, they are supposed to continue this unsustainable path?

  • watersedge

    file under: It's Never Enough

    The WBTS is continually emphasizing how much MORE you can do, give and be in your service to the almighty GB and Org. It is never enough.

    It is their way of keeping the flock in the pen, dumbing them down and making them feel like they're not doing all they can. They beat down your self-esteem and put you on a treadmill ... the more miles you walk, the more they lay before you.

    People are already in debt because of the Watchtower. They repeatedly assure themselves it's all for Jehovah ... even as the rent is past due, the power and water are near disconnect, they can't make ends meet.

    They sugar coat their responsibilities with a label of "trial and tribulation from Satan". Religion is the ultimate excuse for not being accountable.


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