Evidence of a form of telepathy, science and personal experiences.

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  • Bad_Wolf

    I believe in rational explanations for everything, whether they are understood yet or not. Medication used to be considered 'magic' until understood how it worked.

    On the subject of telepathy, for me it's very subtle but has happened many times. A few examples....one of which was today.

    On social media, I had a friend among hundreds that I haven't spoken with or interacted at all in over a year. We also never had any political discussions. I made a post last night and I got a 'feeling' that a person would unfriend me for it. And today I saw I was down 1, and I got a feeling of a person it would be. I have absolutely no history to determine my post would have made them out of hundreds unfriend me, but I check and they did. Other times this form can be if you call or contact somebody and they were just thinking about you.

    Or I had girl I was talking to once who told me her ex bf always knows when she is talking about him and during that conversation he texted her to stop talking about him.

    The oddest ever was a time I was still a jw and visting a KH. I was standing near the sound person and a person told me it was that persons first time. I looked at them and they had just started the music to sing and were a verse in. I looked at him and had a very strong feeling/premonition that he would get confused and hit the off button. He suddenly is looking at the buttons and hits stop and then a gesture like 'what the hell did i just do' and had to restart the whole song.

    Or people who get a feeling somebody is watching them and then find that somebody is.

    Anyway I do not believe in super natural. I wonder if we have some type of telepathy. In the animal world, I think they do as well.

    Thoughts, personal experiences, any scientific findings on the subject? Perhaps our brains can do something similar to radio waves, etc.

  • cofty

    Confirmation bias, selective memory and embellishment after the fact.

    Intuition is nothing more than the way our brains subconsciously take short-cuts through data we already have available.

    Read 'Unweaving the Rainbow' by Richard Dawkins for a useful treatment of the subject.

  • slimboyfat

    The thing about supernatural phenomena is either they are real or they are not.

    Maybe telepathy, remote viewing, prophecy and other “miracles” are possible or maybe they are not. It would be remarkable if at least some of the things we now call “supernatural” didn’t turn out to have some basis in fact. Because it would mean we already know the exact limits of what is possible in the world. This claim in itself seems pretty incredible to me.

    Reductive marerialists seem to have an obsession with dimissing the reality of anything that science can’t explain. It borders on superstition. But even if we grant materialist assumptions, and agree that only material things exists and have material causes, and there is nothing supernatural. Even if we grant all that, we still need to explain the mysterious fact of existence itself. In other words, even if we grant that there is nothing supernatural in the world, the very fact that the world exists at all is “supernatural”. We can’t explain the laws of nature by a natural process. They just exist, by themselves, or by an infinite mind? Any possibility is deeply mysterious, and supernatural.

    In a way it is true that there is nothing supernatural in the world, as such, because everything about the world is deeply supernatural. Not just parts of it, but its very existence, and everything about it.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    I have previously drawn some flak for saying these things on this site, but I will repeat once more (mainly because I don't &#*king care!).

    During the seventeen or so years I lived and worked in Papua New Guinea, I was continually amazed at the ease with which many of the local people could locate objects that others had lost. These included events that had happened totally outside their previous experience, so it was not as if they were subconsciously drawing on past events to reach the conclusions that they did, either.

    It did go further than locating lost objects, too. I did see similar happening with the tracking down of persons who went "missing" and didn't want to be found (The rest I will leave to your imagination!) Likewise for the arrival of the coastal steamer which services the New Guinea Islands. It runs strictly to an "Islands Time" type of schecule - i.e. +/- a day or two each way. Yet, to the continual astonishment of the Expatriate community, the local people always knew exactly when that steamer was going to arrive at their wharf.

    We once used to hear a lot about "Extra-Sensory Perception" (ESP). There could well be much more yet to learn on that subject.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill
    Medication used to be considered 'magic' until understood how it worked.

    Considered "magic" by some, and written off as nonsense by the more narrow-minded. Let that be a warning!

  • cofty

    The burden of proof is on those who claim there is a factual basis for 'supernatural' events.

    Attempts to uncover objective evidence has so far failed 100% of the time. It is not open-minded to reserve judgement on the supernatural. It is obtuse not to be deeply skeptical.

    By the way, the mystery of why there is something rather than nothing is not the topic. The 'something' operates by consistent laws. Admittedly we don't fully understand those laws but that doesn't leave room for woo-woo.

  • slimboyfat

    The burden of proof is on those who insist that this world with its laws and conscious beings can exist without any ultimate intelligence behind it at all. If it’s really true that the world just exists without any cause beyond itself then that’s a magic trick that puts any other miracle or supernatural phenomenon well and truly in the shade.

    As Rupert Sheldrake says, a materialist perspective relies on the belief: “give us one free miracle and we'll explain the rest”. The one free miracle being the appearance of the universe and the laws that govern it in the first place. That takes some faith!

  • cofty

    Blatant strawman.

    My position about the origin of the cosmos is simple - I don't know.

    My position on the supernatural is that it is nothing but a placeholder.

    All the burden of proof is with the merchants of woo.

  • MeanMrMustard

    The other day my friend and I went to Chipotle. I had a strange feeling the burrito was going to give him gas. It did. I had no reason to believe it should give him gas. We had gone there before, and He never experienced gas on those other occasions.

  • zeb

    Read Lindy Chamberlains book called "Through My Eyes"..

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