Revealing Watchtower tax returns

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  • blondie

    *** w10 11/15 p. 21 ‘Let Us Present Jehovah’s Offering’ ***

    Wills and Trusts: Property or money may be bequeathed to Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania by means of a legally executed will, or Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania may be named as beneficiary of a trust agreement. A trust benefiting a religious organization may provide certain tax advantages.

    As the term “charitable planning” implies, these types of donations typically require some planning on the part of the donor. To assist individuals desiring to benefit the worldwide work of Jehovah’s Witnesses through some form of charitable planning, a brochure has been prepared in English and Spanish entitled Charitable Planning to Benefit Kingdom Service Worldwide. The brochure was written to provide information on a variety of ways that gifts may be made either now or through a bequest at death. After reading the brochure and conferring with their own legal or tax advisers, many have been able to help support our religious and humanitarian activities worldwide and maximize their tax benefits while doing so. This brochure may be obtained by requesting a copy directly from the Charitable Planning Office.

    For more information, you may contact the Charitable Planning Office, either in writing or by telephone, at the address listed below, or you may contact the branch office that serves your country.

    Charitable Planning Office

    Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania

    100 Watchtower Drive

    Patterson, New York 12563-9204

    Telephone: (845) 306-0707

  • JeffT

    Thanks Blondie. On reading through that my first thought was to wonder who the target audience is. For starters there are not a lot of Witnesses with enough money to worry about setting up trusts. And most people who have that kind of money have lawyers and accountants to explain tax law to them. They don't need the WTBS to write up a simplified brochure for them. Are they trying to impress the sheeple that they have big support somewhere?

    I'm continuing some research on those 990's. As of the most recent year (2014) the trust no longer owns any Phillip Morris stock, it does have a little bit of money in a couple of defense related companies, but not much. Most of the trusts money is held in blue chip stocks and bonds, which would be consistent with a requirement to invest low risk assets.

    For some reason (what I'm looking at next) for the 2014 tax year the entity changed from an exempt trust to a personal foundation subject to taxes. I need to read some IRS docs to find out what's up with that. It paid about $12000 in taxes for 2014.

  • WireRider


    For a religion that is only known for it's insistence on Armageddon false prophecy - any day now, any day now, any day now - they sure spend a lot of time and effort bilking people out of money to invest in real estate, stocks, bonds - all forward reaching investment. We say that the world is going to end - but we are making very long term invests that profit us.


    Why do people give their money to these very proven false prophets? Their "wrath of God" scam should have been over 50 years ago. !914 - world didn't end as as absolutely "scare the hell out of people" promised. "Opps I made a miss measurement at the PYRAMID it will end in 1915".

    Rutherford, a completely failed politician, who was NEVER a judge - Preached insanely that the World is going to end tomorrow. Thousands of crazy people sold their houses, donated the money to Rutherford, and lived/preached out of their cars to be more mobile to save peoples "souls" because the World is going to end tomorrow. It was around the Great Depression. Rutherford took the life savings from thousands of people an built himself a mansion in California for $20 Million dollars of your money. A long term investment for a World that he preached will end tomorrow. The WT, and their nothing but a tax shelter JW, have never been more than an infomercial scam to con gullible people out of their money.

    And where do the donations go? They make absolutely no effort to help any of the communities the infest. They expect tax free public services (fire/police/hospital) and give nothing in return to the community other than to piss people off by having stupid people go bang on doors for free. Where does the money go??? Tax free real estate investments, tax free purchase, tax free. The greatest fake infomercial of modern times - invented by a 7th grader - high jacked by a fraud.

    You have to know that they pay millions to accountants and financial planners to hide the money. I don't believe that any one on this site has the ability to interpret the crumbs they leave. And any stuff they do leak, is carefully planned. They may spend 10% for show - to pretend to help the world. 20% in lawyers, financial planners, and 70% in "investments and profit" for an "tomorrow the world will end - I promise" cult. Make no mistake - they have millions of dollars of your money to cover their ass.

    Dis-information is their powerful tool to control you. Mis-direct your efforts and keep you preoccupied. Sitting on a billion dollars - they may be truly stupid and completely narcissistic - but they have enough of your money to hire experts. I know they have people specifically to monitor sites like this and more than one poster here is under the direction of the GB. You would be remiss to think otherwise - you only really know what they want you to know - Sun Tzu.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    People just cant realize the fact that the Borg is building such large, upscale, ivory tower with the big A just imminent.
  • True to the End
    True to the End

    The charitable foundation was set set up in 1948. The vast majority of the income comes from oil royalties. Oil was found on the property owned by the Riley family.

    The trustee of the charitable foundation is the Detroit Commercial Bank. JWs or the WTS has no say in the running of this trust. The trustee takes out their fees and pays for the tax return preparation and other legal fees due, out of any many made by tradings the stocks (shares). The amount of theses fees is equal to about the anoint that is earned form the no so nice shares (or stocks) held of those companies.

    In reality the amount of any monies coming from these questionable shares in coma prison to the overall income is very small.

  • lastmanstanding

    If any one of us worked at one of the companies in the trust, we would be DF’d in an instant.

    Hows that for hypocrisy....

  • Vidiot
    WireRider - "Why do people give their money to these very proven false prophets?"

    'Cause they still desperately want to believe that they're not false.

    Keeping the Org propped up is a physical manifestation of that "wishful thinking".

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