How often do you....?

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  • Phizzy

    Slimboy, that cracked me up !

    I have been on this Site far too long, but I will have a look most days, and comment most days. I do find that I scan a lot of Posts, not even opening up the Thread quite often, and judge them not worthy of my time. I know that sounds awful, but time is priceless when you get to my age.

    I often judge that many Posters will be answered and helped by others, others perhaps better equipped than me, so I don't join in.

    I have scant patience now with people who have not done their homework, and they show themselves to be "believers" of the worst kind, Bible Literalists, or still believing in the JW bullspoop, or in Special Creation and the like, I can't be doing with it, as they say here.

    I do hope that one day I will move on and no longer drop in here apart from perhaps once a Year, but who knows when I shall be strong enough to do that ?

    The problem is, I love to know what the latest nonsense, scandals etc concerning the Org are.

  • tor1500


    I come to this site all the time...just to see the latest. To see if any big newspapers/media has been able to talk about the elephant in the room...THE ARC...Sometimes I wonder, does Jehovah protect this org. you noticed I didn't say...HIS ORG. Abuse stories are popping up all over the place..& still crickets..I don't get it. The org. says they are could a thousand or so cases be lies. Maybe I'm stupid, but if someone abused my child, I'd go to the police matter what the elders say. & This 2 witness rule....uh? who would commit a crime like that when someone was around...most of this stuff is done in private...duh? I think the org. provides some type of comfort to some who never had it...What I'm noticing is that most of them had parents but where never nurtured. I come from a loving home...I fell into being a witness...with my eyes wide how long will I stay...ummm... who knows...


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