The Wheels On The Bus ...

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  • EverApostate
    god is less powerful than Satan because he can’t stop the attacks on the reputation of the organization

    Jehovah is less powerful than the governments and rulers of Singapore, North Korea, China and many other countries, as JWs are banned there.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    quote: We may begin to feel that we can look at a situation and understand it even though we do not have all the facts

    But we have been around long enough to know how things work and been down that road before.

    As for their newsroom; it is slow, behind time on events, and gives few details if anything is mentioned at all. Don't forget the obvious spin.

    They are their own worst enemy. The first times I browsed here was because there was NO information on things coming out. And I needed a Kingdom Ministry they would not give me (I was in good standing), so found out that you could find copies in the internet

  • sparrowdown

    It just sucks to be JW.

  • nowwhat?

    "Hello watchtower. Our recent study article mentioned to make sure we have all the facts of any possible negative news about the organization. Could you please connect me with someone that could tell me Exactly how many millions. Of dedicated funds have been paid out in these pedophile lawsuits the last few years?....hello hello is anyone there?!"

  • WTWizard

    Satan the accuser of God's people? Well, maybe if they weren't trying to enslave the whole human population, maybe Satan would not accuse them of doing such. Satan will accuse people of doing rubbish like this if they are in fact doing so, in order to throttle joke-hova's enslavement of everyone. And, if joke-hova wasn't trying to enslave us all, Satan would not be accusing that thing of doing such.

    Satan is, in fact, accusing those who are actually guilty as charged.

  • Vidiot
    road to nowhere - "...I needed a Kingdom Ministry they would not give me (I was in good standing), so found out that you could find copies in the internet..."

    Ah, the satisfying irony of strict-but-stupid ("strupid"?) rule-following...

    ...I swear, the WT loyalists do at least 90% of the heavy lifting for us. :smirk:

  • tiki

    Just live in the dubbie a brainless drone...pathetic. And whatever you not think...we do it all for you on our cult website....sad that kids have to grow up in this psychotic atmosphere...

  • ttdtt

    sparrowdown - It sucks being an EXJW too.

    Damage is often irreversible if you were in it long enough.
    Just cant scroll back the years and do the things you should have been.

  • HappyDad

    Seems to be the same type of damage control the Scientologists are using.

  • DesirousOfChange


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