The JW cult creates pessimistic personalities in all the PIMI congregants is my opinion

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  • Overrated

    The invisible sky-Daddy will solve all your problems, just wait. It's coming soon. Oh by the way the invisible sky daddy has an earthly organization that need your support. He need servants and money for this Org. But don't get an education.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Being raised doom and gloom affects how we approach everything. I never worked to get ahead as such and do take a pessimist look at everyones endeavors

  • BluesBrother

    Without a negative view of things, the J W Organisation would not exist.

    How many times did you hear on a Thursday night “ We are looking for those who are ‘sighing and crying over world conditions, don’t waste your time with those who are self satisfied with their lot”

    I take as proof their application of 2 Timothy 3 to our times .....the one that goes

    ”Men will be lacking affection,disobedient to parents , disorderly, lovers of pleasure “ etc.

    (quoted from memory) If that is not a negative pessimistic attitude I don’t know what is. I never liked using that scripture.

  • truth_b_known

    Men will be -

    • Lacking affection
    • Disobedient to parents
    • Disorderly
    • Lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God

    When hasn't the human race been like that? The whole history of Israel in the Bible can check everyone of those boxes. Literally, from the book of Genesis on that's how people have been.

  • Overrated

    Man has been satisfying his needs or trying at least. Then some group wanted control of power/ wealth by inventing religion. Some of us have awaken to these facts.

  • FedUpJW

    Agreed. Most negativity and pessimism I hear if from JW's.

    Just listen to any of their "prayers". As they meander through 10 minutes of mostly incoherent thought, the main words a person will hear are: troubling times, uncertainty, depression, depressed, illness, sickness, difficulties, discouragement etc. And all the while begging Gee-HO'-Vuh to "help those who feel these things to know we LOVE them." And letting God know that they look forward to the end of this system very soon.

    I asked one of those eldurrs one time, "Why, instead of asking God to let them know you "love" them, don't YOU LET THEM KNOW?" And, "When you pray for the end of this system, why not use different words that mean the exact same thing, and pray for God to kill 8 billion men, women, and children very soon?"

  • Rocketman123

    As a means to support the doctrine that the world is a terrible place and has gotten worse since 1914, the WTS GB heads says see this, they even used this recent virus plague as a indication of mankind living in the last days.

    The JWS religion is 50 % propaganda and 50 % lies, it works onto naive and ignorant minds and that's how they have enslaved people to themselves.

    They place the seed of fear and the people who listen to them react.

    The trick works by saying its the words of god taken out the bible.

  • Rocketman123

    When you see pictures like this in Watchtower magazines and alike it does stir up pessimism.

    Yes this wicked world is going to end soon and be destroyed.

    Great shit to place on the cover of a magazine to attract attention to it, its also a great way to impose fear into people's minds so they become your obedient servant /slaves.

    The WTS has been a propagator of pessimism since it started in the late 1800's.

    The Friday Column: Watchtower, genocide, and armageddon - JW Watch

  • Overrated

    Talking to my brother who is a JW drone, the world is doomed, I need to get with the desert god Geehovah. Covid can wipe me out . World is coming to an end. I pointed out to him that his group have been saying that hit and miss since they started in the 1800's. Then I list where life has improved, included finding of covid. He quickly changes the subject and stops preaching.

  • Rocketman123

    He quickly changes the subject and stops preaching.

    JWS dont like facts or logical reasoning, particularly if the provided information contradicts their prepared and designed narrative .

    Most the bible writings were mythological expressions to what a certain ancient civilization would like their god do to curb humanities woes.

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